Thursday, February 09, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 9.2.17

My admittedly limited experience this week suggests that all Dutch houses have narrow spiral staircases. These must be a challenge for not-so-young folk. Which might explain why Dutch old folks' homes are so good. The beautiful Heritage building in Amsterdam used to one, by the way. For more than 300 years.

The word 'fresh' seems to be popular in The Netherlands. As in Fresh Chips(French fries) and Fresh Jazzy Music on the radio. Did I mention that my question to the waitress as to whether Stale Chips would be cheaper did not translate well?

Talking of chips . . . At a traditional Dutch restaurant last night, in addition to our plates of lamb kebabs and large chips – as traditional as you can get – they placed a cone of small chips and mayonnaise in the middle of table. A terrific idea. Except, as a real pleb, I'd prefer salad cream.

Here's an amusing series of short videos from Greg Shapiro on How to become Orange. I can't say how accurate he is.

Viewing the latest examples of Trump's insanity and unfitness for office, I recalled a favourite quote of mine, viz. that We all become caricatures of ourselves. Given that Trump has long merited the label of caricature, one wonders what on earth he'll become in the fullness of whatever time he has left before he's dumped or assassinated.

En passant, one of the USA's many nutty theists – an evangelist pastor, of course – has assured us this week that Donald Trump is God’s way of saving us from the rise of the Antichrist. Another one has informed us that Most participants in the women’s march were molested or abused. Lovely 'Christian' people. Sometimes one wishes shootings were even more common in the USA.

Last reference to Trump . . . Here's some British comedians talking about his (in)sanity months before he was elected. Of course, back then no one thought an imbecile had any chance of being elected president.

Finally . . . A scurrilous comment on women I happened to notice on Facebook last night:-

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