Thursday, March 09, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 9.3.17

The BBC reported on the gang who'd done 2 sinpas in NW Spain. They did say the leader was reported to be Romanian but said nothing about the gang members being Roma/gypsies. One wonders why not. It reminded me of my old Contract Law professor saying a half-truth was sometimes worse than a lie. Contrast this Spanish report, in English..

Here's something from Lenox's Business Over Tapas of this morning, originally from Mark Stücklin's Spanish Property Insight : The tax authorities in Spain get away with murder. In some areas they slap a surprise tax on bargain hunters who buy too cheap, whilst in others they tax vendors for losing money. At least the Constitutional Court has finally put a stop to that, ruling that vendors don’t have to pay the 'plusvalia tax' if they sell at a loss. An estimated 500,000 vendors are affected, and many will be able to claim back tax paid. Hallelujah. As indicated, my own experience is that the Hacienda will now stop at nothing in abuse of the wide powers they have. Taxes lost to the big players must be squeezed now from the small ones. Got to get that deficit to below 3% of GDP or Brussels will again threaten to slap our wrists. For the 11th or 12th time.

Women's rights in Spain are not quite what they should be, it says here. But at least they do better than elsewhere in terms of members of parliament. And as regards breast-feeding there.

Something else that lags behind here, it's said, is the credibility of the media. An Oxford University study has adjudged Spain to be the least credible of 11 European countries and, if this is different, also the least credible of 12 ROW countries.

The weather early this week here in Pontevedra was cold and wet but today we've been hit by global warming. As forecast, it's at least 25 degrees. I know which I prefer.

I bought an ink-jet printer about 10 years ago and have patiently waited for it to break down for several years. Especially since I bought a laser printer that was on sale in the ink shop 6 months ago. Yesterday I finally gave up on the former and – even though it was still working – swapped it for the latter. What a difference. Wish I hadn't waited. But I'm of the pleasure-delaying generation, of course. Which always goes down well with women, I believe.

En passant . . . I've started to tell peope who have the effrontery to refer to me as 'old' to use a substitute I might just have invented – 'ex-young'. On balance, I prefer this to 'previously young'.

Finally . . .  It seems that the supermarket selling residual turrón packs has quite a stock. Presumably they didn't learn from 2015's forecasting errors:-


Alfred B. Mittington said...

What shall I say?? 'Ex-young' rather sounds like 'Un-dead'.

Stay away from the garlic and the crucifixes, I'd suggest…


Colin Davies said...

Well, you could start by admitting you don't recall ever being young. If, indeed,you ever were.

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Perry said...


I have been elsewhere recently. Returning here is what I would like to think of as "delayed self-gratification".

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