Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thoughts from Galicia: 19.3.17

Nice to read that the new cash-crop for Spain is the pistachio. I love 'em.

If you're likely to be driving in Spain, here's something you need to be aware of. Especially if you're going to be in Galicia, it seems.

Quick citations;.

I heard the word 'surveil' used as a verb by a US reporter and checked with Google Ngram. To my surprise, it's several hundred years old, though possibly mostly in the USA. But its use has shot up since the 1960s, having bubbled along at the same rate for many, many years.  As with the noun 'surveillance'.

Talking of words . . . I read that Brits really like swear words. Well, nothing like the Spanish, believe me. Anyway, the favourite British swear word is said to be 'shite'. Compare this with the Spanish favourite - cabrón - which combines the taboo rating of both cunt and, say, motherfucker. Even though its literal meaning is just 'billygoat'. Go figure. By the way . . . The swear word favoured by Americans is said to be 'sucks', while Australians prefer 'boob'? It takes all sorts.

An interesting bit of advice - The three rules of com­puter security devised by the NSA cryptographer Robert Morris Sr are: 1) Do not own a computer. 2) Do not power it on. 3) Do not use it.

Finally . . . Here's a wonderful article for all male readers, from one of my favourite columnists. Not to mention all female readers.

Today's cartoons: All on the same theme:-

Postcript: I did the bridge experiment yesterday morning on the way into town. The result: 
Meetings: 5
Failure to make any move to avoid me: 5. 
One person did stop 1 metre from me, to allow me to walk around him. The other 4 – for whatever reason – would quite happily have walked right into me, if I hadn't taken evasive action. And I didn't have my head down, by the way.

I rest my case.


Perry said...


Comparisons are odious.
Population of Sweden: 9.85 million
Population of USA: 325,790,433 million
Population of USA is 33 times as large as Sweden's
Therefore a strict comparison would be: Murders in USA 1, murders in Sweden 0

When we were in NZ between 1949 & 1953, my father hunted Captain Cookers at Ranana, up the Whanganui river.

Colin Davies said...

Perry: Since the murder rate differs vastly between US cities, a truer comparison would be btween citie of pro tata size, Chicago and X, New York and Y and Baltimore with Z.

In each case, X, Y and Z would be zero. Not by far in the 3 US cities.

Perry said...

Obama started out as a community organiser in Chicago. He has yet to help the inhabitants therein.

As for taking a city by city stance, Malmö is in trouble.

Colin Davies said...

With murders??

Perry said...

Critical mass Colin. When there are enough second generation Muslims, then the trouble really starts. France & Australia. The Apex gang in Australia is primarily composed of young Sudanese men and boys. It also has a number of members from Somali and Pacific Islander backgrounds, particularly from its merger with another gang, as well as minority amounts of members from Caucasian, Pakistani and Afghan descent.*

Here is a good article about the departure of the Moriscos, which I read about 4 years ago.

Last paragraph: In reaction to the policy of Spain to facilitate access to Spanish citizenship by descendants of the Jews who were expelled from Spain, there has been demand from Muslims to apply a similar policy to the descendants of the Moriscos. In 2006 this demand received support from the parliament of Andalusia [30] but has not gained broader support.

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