Monday, April 03, 2017

Thoughts from Galicia: 3.4.17

What can one say about the latest mad manifestation of the Gibraltar issue? Well, here I go . . . The UK government – whatever is said publicly – will be grateful for a chance to get even partial rid of the place. As official papers from as long as 60 years ago have proven, the British government has longed wanted to get shot of it. Mind you, Spain can be guaranteed – especially under this cack-handed PP government - to go about things in such an aggressive way as to raise hackles in the UK media. As with it latest opportunistic move to make The Rock a roadblock on the highway to a Brexit deal with the EU. One wonders why Brussels has gone along with it, raising misplaced passions in both countries. But desperate times, desperate measures I guess.

For those Brits resident here and worried about the potential consequences of said Brexit, here's The Local's advice on how to get Spanish nationality.

So which country has more pets per household than children? Well, as you've guessed, it's modern Spain. Sadly, the canine contribution – containing copious lapdogs, pugs and bulldogs – is remarkably ugly. And, in my book, don't really count as dogs.

Here's what The Local thinks are your options for Semana Santa fun here in Spain. Alternatively, you could go to church.

Looking further ahead, The Guardian cites this, in Barcelona, as one of the best upcoming music festivals of 2017

According to the annual Made in Country Index, these are the most trusted national 'brands':-
First: Germany
Second: Switzerland
Third: The EU
Fourth: The UK
Twentieth: Spain. So, work to be done here.

Spanglish Corner:
  • Un tuitero: A tweeter
  • Marquetín: Marketing

I saw the blood waggon in town last week and again thought of giving some. But, as usual these days, everything was in written only in Gallego and this irritates me as I live in Spain. So I didn't.

Nutters corner:
  • Pat Robertson: MS has a “spiritual component” to it and the cause can be “demonic” in nature. Rebuking those demons in the name of Jesus is part of the cure.
  • Bryan Fischer: It's the worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs have stolen the rainbow from God. It’s His. He invented it. Give It Back.
Finally . . . Another public service: Buying a new battery for my phone hasn't solved the low-sound problem but the process has taught me that the best way to extend battery life is to reduce the backlight of the screen. I'm saying this just in case there's someone else out there who hasn't yet discovered this.

Today's cartoon:-

It's worse than I thought - we're also getting slammed on Twitter.


Perry said...


Reference Bryan Fischer, (it irritates me when persons of fatuously earnest intellectual, artistic, or social pretensions, can't spell their own bloody names; it's Brian Fisher!!!!). The rainbow in nature has 7 colours, remembered thus ROYGBIV. The rainbow flag was originally designed by Gilbert Baker with 8 colours. He added Hot Pink & changed Blue to Turquoise. The commercial version uses 6 colours, Indigo being dropped for display purposes & Hot Pink being expensive.
So B F (Bloody Fool) knows nought about ought 'e 'rote.

Eamon said...

Well Perry the artist of today's cartoon isn't very bright either. Adam and Eve with belly buttons???? Even the master painters don't pay attention either.

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