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Thoughts from Galicia: 7.4.17

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.

- Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain.

Here's the inevitable guide from The Local on your Easter fun options.

Life in Spain: I went to see my GP yesterday about some minor complaint. There were 3 doctors on duty at the health centre and, as usual, all 10 patients for each one had been given the same appointment time. So there were 30 of us there. Me reading my book; 1 or 2 folk on their phone; 5 or 6 chatting; and the rest staring into the middle distance. It's the custom of the doctors to shout out the name of the next person on their list, either from the door of their office or - in the case of the older ones – from their desks. If there are no-shows, no one gives a toss and the doctor just moves on down the list. The first time – years ago - I forgot an appointment, I wrote an apology. How the doctor must have laughed at my Britishness!

Taxation: Spain's deadline for income tax declarations (La Renta) is 30 June but the season begins in April, when the Tax Office (La Hacienda) sends out rebate info to the vast number of people who are due these. This rest of us can go on line and use a new program(Renta Web) which replaces the old one(PADRE) to submit our data. I look forward to dealing with this in the last week of June. Meanwhile, I'm a tad concerned to read that hackers are now gaining access to declarations and, thus, to one's account number and, presumably, to the Hacienda's process for taking money from this. Nice to know. I must check if we can still make paper declarations. I used to enjoy doing these . . . 

For reasons which are not entirely clear to me, our local politicians just love to tinker with the traffic flow. I read a week ago that Poio council plans to make the main road down to town just one way – upwards. Which will put the kibosh on my parking practice. And when I left the health centre yesterday, I found that my exit road was now one-way. I then had to weave my way through narrow lanes for 5-10 minutes until I found myself on the coast road, heading west for Sanxenxo. Which is not exactly what I'd planned. Irritating. But I'll know next time.

Nutters Corner:

  • Bryan Fischer again: God invented the rainbow. It’s His thing. He put it in the sky as a promise that he would never again destroy the earth through a flood. Are you listening Al Gore? Yu do not need to worry about the planet being destroyed by floodwaters. Why? Because God has put His rainbow in the sky to let you and everybody else know, ‘I’m never going to do that again.’
  • Ex-senator Michelle Bachmann: Donald Trump’s opponents, much like the people who built the Tower of Babel, are rebelling against God to bring about the creation of a manmade, one-world system. And scripture tells us that in the End Times, that is what Antichrist will be. He will be a part of a one-world system. Translation: If you oppose Trump, you are part of the Antichrist community.
Which reminds me . . . We all know by now that Trump – to put it politely – in no orator. And that he has a gift for the utterly banal. But what to make of phrases such as 'little babies” and “No child of god should have to suffer like this”. Anyone ever seen large babies? And, if you believe in a god, aren't all children his/hers? Or do the hordes of evangelists to whom Trump pays obeisance believe that those who oppose him are all spawn of the Devil? I guess they must. We should have a badge.

Talking of Trump fans . . . His bombing of the Syrian airport seems to have lost him some of his erstwhile supporters. The ones who think the USA should have nothing to do with the rest of the world. Here's Buzzfeed on this.

Finally . . . One of our regular beggars is a young woman who offers hand-made metal trinkets and then for money when, as is usual, none of these are bought. Yesterday, the lady at my next table – dressed as someone far younger – smilingly declined the trinkets and, when asked for money, replied rather sternly: No. You are young and should struggle. I heard the word luchar, though maybe she said duchar. To shower. On reflection, she must have meant against the mendicant's drug habit. The one that keeps her skinny.

Today's cartoon . . .


Perry said...


The "airport" in Homs is called al-Shayrat Air Base & is used by the Syrian Air Force. It's well outside Homs.'24.0%22N+36%C2%B054'32.0%22E/@34.494455,36.9068209,1904m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d34.49!4d36.908889?hl=en

I find it hard to credit that you appear to consider Buzzfeed is a reliable source. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses and initial news reports may be unreliable. Using the innocuous word "airport" rather than "Syrian Air Force Base" is lying by omission & is designed to confuse & mislead the reader. Check the references listed at the end of the article.

Obummer was useless as a president. He did nothing when Assad's regime in 2013
killed hundreds of Syrians in rebel-held suburbs after ground-to-ground missiles loaded with Sarin, were fired into civilian areas while the residents slept.
The namby-pamby, milksop, former president warned Assad at the time "Don't you cross my red line", but then wimped out until the US finally started its "too little, too late" military fight against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

Colin Davies said...

So are you suggesting it's me lying by omiission etc. Or others?

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