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Thoughts from Galicia: 15.7.17

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.
- Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain. 

If you've arrived here because of an interest in Galicia or Pontevedra, see my web page here.

Life in Spain:-
  • No huge surprise to read that, while Spain might still be cheap for many things, we're being royally ripped off by the government-protected telecoms companies. Especially Telefónica/Movistar, of course. And also by the government's Post Office monopoly. Actually, I've stopped complaining because - after a mere 15 years - I finally have a decent internet connection.
  • Here's details of those parts of Spain's coastline most at risk from developer depredation. Depressing reading.
  • I claimed recently that Spain has too many levels of government. Here's the headline from an El País editorial saying that the country can't go on being governed on a 19th century model:-

Am I being ungallant to say that Madame Macron, here at least, doesn't look quite as good as Donald Trump is reported to have told her she does?

Nutters Corner: I'm afraid I can't refrain from quoting this in full: God is likely very pro-carbon since the coal, oil, gas, and water power He gave us took His humans out of their caves and huts, transforming their meager camping-out-all-the-time existence into the miracle of modern prosperity. Carbon fuels have introduced us, via electricity, to the joys of cooking, heating, air conditioning, dishwashers, microwaves, flat screen TVs, computers, and car road trips, to name just a few. But I don’t think God is in favor of the “renewable energy” of wind and solar because turbines and solar collectors are murder machines for the precious birds that God wants us to protect. Millions of them have been sliced and diced by the turbines and scorched to death by solar panels. Big problem, greenies. Plus they need carbon fuel back-up. To believe global warming will destroy the planet you have to believe that God placed a carbon poison pill in His creation that would lead to human prosperity and then to human annihilation. But God promises us good, not malevolence. So we answer: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Psalm 24:1 And we’re good with that. 

Just one obvious question: Why didn't He give us all these good things on a plate at the outset, rather than forcing us to go slowly via His gift of coal? I'm assuming that those who can read the mind of their god can answer this very easily. To their satisfaction, at least.

Here in southern Galicia we've been enduring a bus strike for some time now. The cartoonist of the Voz de Galicia has managed to combine this topic - specifically the ending of the strike - with that of  local companies leaving en masse to set up HQs in nearby Portugal. To the dismay of our president:-

As I've noted a few times, you can get into serious trouble with the very sensitive Spanish police simply by doing something that upsets them. So when the local bobbies came to check whether the owners of my regular bar had a licence for the tables on their terrace, I made sure I took this foto from behind them. . . .

But I do hope the one on the right doesn't read my blog. 

Incidentally, unlike the owners of my bar, none of the others down the narrow street have a licence for their tables. But the police won't do anything about this unless - as here - a neighbour complains. That said, I read this week of one town - Estrada? - where the council is going to have small 90 degree angles painted at the corners of the licensed areas. Which seems like a rather good idea. Unless you don't have a licence, of course.

Finally . . .  I might live in a posh/pijo barrio, but we do have empty plots. And the occasional grazing animal. Which might or might not belong to the local gypsies . . . 

And we also have nearby areas which are zoned for industrial development but which might not see any of this for 15-20 years, as applications and appeals are heard in Spain's notoriously slow courts:-

Today's cartoon:-

Again on a religious theme . . . 

Frankly, if I'd known this lot would be here, I don't think I'd have bothered to come.

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Alfred B. Mittington said...

Sweet cartoon today. It reminds me of the jibe by - was it Mark Twain, or Groucho Marx? - saying that he'd never join a club which would accept him as a member…


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