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Thoughts from Galicia: 27.9.17

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.
- Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain

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Life in Spain
  • Cataluña: Although Brussels naturally supports Madrid against Barcelona, it's said to be is deeply concerned about Spain's handling of the crisis. But, as at least one commentator has pointed out, whereas the EU has been quite happy to interfere in the politics of other states, it's said absolutely nothing about the situation in public. Doubtless because the PP government conforms to its neo-liberal agenda and, with 3% GDP growth, is otherwise setting a good example to all other EU members.
  • According to the author of this article – in Spanish – the Spanish press is failing to innovate and is effectively committing suicide.
  • Another example of Madrid foot-dragging . . . Spain has only taken in 14%(13.7) of the Syrian refugees that Brussels instructed her to take. I doubt there's a penalty to pay. Or that Spain is the only defaulter.
Do these names mean anything to you?:-
Fallen Angel
Lost Sierra
Night Nurse
Lemon Créme
Pineapple Sage
If so, you're someone who probably doesn't need a site which tells you all about the world of cannabis. Click here to learn why the responsibility for the introduction of cannabis as an intoxicant in the Americas rests with the Spanish, with some help from the Portuguese. 

Talking of EU inaction . . . Although poor little Greece has been browbeaten for 6 years into complying with the 3% deficit rule, there are 2 major economies which have ignored it with impunity for many years – Spain and France. Germany at least managed to get its act together but these 2 major members often give the impression of thinking rules are for others. Especially this one.

Facebook has issued advice on how to tell what is Fake News and what isn't. It includes bad spelling and syntax. On this basis, the UK's Daily Telegraph – which has farmed out sub-editing to ignorant teenagers in New Zealand – is composed of little else but fake news.

Donald Trump: If interested in an overview of his presidency so far, take a butcher's at this article. Taster . . . The Final paragraph: Theoretically, we still live in a republic, but the question is: Who exactly represents whom in Washington? By now, I think we can take a reasonable guess. When the inevitable conflicts arise and Donald Trump must choose between business and country, between himself and the American people, who do you think will get the pink slip? Who will be paying for the intermeshing of the two? Who, like the investors in his bankrupt casinos, will be left holding the bag? At this point, we’re all in the Washington casino and it sure as hell isn’t going to be Donald Trump who takes the financial hit. After all, the house always wins.

Yesterday, the Voz de Galicia gave us the Selectividad marks required to get onto the elite courses at the region's several universities. These used to be out of 10 but are now out of 14. And, of course, to 3 decimal points. They range from 13.7(13.660) to 12.1, with Medicine at the top and – strangely – Veterinary Medicine at the bottom of this First Division. What regularly surprises me is how high Nursing figures, at 12.5 this year. Just above Law at 12.4. Pick the meat out of that. Of course, lawyers are much lower creatures than notaries here in Spain but – as it's not on the list - I guess Notarying is something you study after you've taken your first degree and done very well at it. And then you become a millionaire.

Finally . . . Here in Pontevedra, the 800 year old Convent of The Sisters of Santa Clara has closed its doors. In contrast, I've mentioned that 3 young nuns have recently come from elsewhere to re-open the Convent of the Apparitions. So, as one celestial door closes, another opens. God's plan, I guess.

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