Monday, January 08, 2018

Thoughts from Galicia: 8.1.18

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.
- Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain. 

If you've arrived here because of an interest in Galicia or Pontevedra, see my web page here.

  • The sport of padel/paddle (pádel) is said to be very popular here. For years, I've twice daily driven past a court near my house and wondered what it was like. Yesterday I finally stopped to take a look at it. And what a strange amalgam of tennis and squash it is, involving a peculiar solid-but-holed raquet and walls. No surprise to see that you can buy shoes specially designed for padel. Presumably a cross between a tennis shoe and a squash shoe. Or possibly exactly the same, but with 'Padel' written on the side.
  • At the Golden Globes awards ceremony last night, numerous actresses protested against sexual harassment by wearing black. I couldn't help noticing that many of them still managed to look pretty sexy. Surely they should all have worn polo neck pullovers. A couple of examples:-

This one obviously couldn't be bothered:-

  • Good news: Murder rates in America’s largest cities fell to historic lows last year as the police used technology to monitor gun violence and predict crime hotspots. Needless to say: The figures jar with the Trump administration’s claims that America is enduring “rising violent crime [and] a staggering increase in homicides”.
  • Not So Good News: America's ability to confuse entertainment and politics has been furthered by Oprah Winfrey's announcement that she is (again) considering running for the presidency.
  • Debatable News: Trump isn't another Hitler; he's another Obama.
The World
  • As a lover of Iran, I naturally sympathise with this article, by someone who know what he's talking about. Opening sentence: A truism about U.S. politics and media is that, once a foreign leader or a country has been demonized, everything written or said about the subject will be skewed to the negative, a rule reflecting Washington’s groupthink and careerism.
The Spanish Language
  • After a welcome comment from reader María, I now posit this hierarchy of responses to the statement “I have an IQ of 160”:-
- Mentira!: You are a liar.
- Me parece una mentira: It seems like a lie to me. (Polite way of saying 'You are a liar'.)
- Me parece mentira: That sounds incredible/It can't be true. (Very polite way of saying 'You are a liar'.)
- Estás equivocado: You are wrong/mistaken. (Politest way of saying 'You are a liar'.)
Refutation welcome.

Nutters Corner
  • Tele-evangelist and seller of crap End Times food, Jim Bakker, claims that the Xmas-tide fatal Amtrak rail crash was a warning from God. Though he doesn't say about what. Perhaps about being dumb enough to buy crap food from Jim Bakker, then.
Social Media
  • YouTube (owned by Google) is making very good money from allowing the uploading of vile vblogs such as one which centred on a body found hanging in a Japanese forest. As someone has put it: YouTube is a media behemoth that has mutated beyond its original purpose as a community for like-minded people to interact with the motto of “Broadcast yourself” into a hyper-competitive, cut-throat world where everything is content. In other words, only money counts.
  • I did my miniscule bit last night and quit Facebook. If I'd needed a final straw, this message yesterday morning would have done the trick:- Good morning, Colin! Stay dry today in Santa Comba. Rain is forecast. I was, in fact, in Santiago, 30km east of Santa Comba.
  • I'm now looking at alternatives to Gmail and am prepared to pay for a degree of privacy.
  • I've mentioned at least once the plethora of (often conflicting) speed signs on the N-550 between Pontevedra and Santiago. Yesterday I noted these:-
  1. As you leave the 50kph village of Esclavitud ('Slavery') going north, you meet a sign saying End of 80. Just before the La Perla brothel.
  2. As you leave the 50kph village of Valga going south, you meet a similar sign, this time saying End of 70.

  • Twice a day, I drive past an enclosure belonging to the Galician Environment Ministry. It contains a number of (possibly obsolete) fire vehicles and at least 30 brand-new Toyota Landcruisers, all white. I wonder why:-

Plus 2 of the laziest guard dogs you can imagine:-

  • Private Eye magazine had a large Xmas cryptic crossword of almost 70 clues. Would you believe that number 1 Down was:-
- Clue: The president's old farts (6 letters)
- Answer: Trumps.
Needless to say, I got it immediately.


Eamon said...

I would translate you are a liar as eres mentiroso.

jan frank said...

Nothing, but nothing, is 100% private when it comes to e-mail. However, I can recommend setting up your own web site (means registering a name and then paying a little per year to keep the name) and then you get, depending on what you pay, 50 or 100 or 1,000 possible e-mail addresses of your very own. Thus our web site is and one of my e-mail addresses is Really doesn't cost very much and is reasonably private.

Perry said...

Golden Globes? More like golden (top) bollocks. Unsupported tits become saggy dugs. I've got 2 m'sel'. Impeccable source.

Eeek Queue: Basado en qué exactamente?

For Iran, read Iranians. If Persia & the Byzantines had not exhausted themselves in the 7th century AD, what a different world it could have been.

Sigheh + al-mutʿah = Twelver Shia nookie on the quiet.

Finally, the United States Navy placed orders for the Gorgon IIA and Gorgon IIC missiles in 1943 with the Singer Manufacturing Company, better known for its sewing machines. As they say in Glasgow when someone gets nutted: "Put a stitch in that John".

Cheque please.


Perry said...


This article might interest the religious members of your family.

Colin Davies said...

Yes, Eamon, I would too but I wanted to stay with the word 'mentira', as commented on by Maria.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Jan. I do realise I will never be able to achieve anonymity. But I will persue a greater degree of privacy than I currently enjoy, even at a cost.

Colin Davies said...

Perry, I admit to finding myself wondering sometimes what you do with your day . . . . . :-)

Colin Davies said...

Perry, the religious link seems dud.

Perry said...


Works for me. It's a pdf

During the day I sits & thinks; during the night I just sits!

Colin Davies said...

Ta. Got it from my friend Eamon in La Coruña. Too much to absorb! But I read quite a bit before my eyes glazed over . . .