Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thoughts from Galicia: 17.1.19

It's been a frustrating week, with my laptop refusing to charge at all and my phone also being difficult in this regard. This morning I will pursue new machines in Pontevedra and Vigo, having already shocked myself by finding how much Mac prices have increased since I bought my laptop back in 2010.

There's a shop in Pontevedra with an Apple desk. When I asked them yesterday if if they really were an official agent, there was some verbal shuffling, which I took to mean that they only offer reconditioned machines. Hence my planned visit to Vigo today.

Meanwhile, it's amusing to see that, in the context of hard-Brexit preparations (sort of), the British government has defined 'scarcity' as 'Whatever the Minister says it means.' If you didn't already think we are with Alice in Wonderland, you surely must do so now.

As they say, an impending execution concentrates the mind. And so it is that Brussels - i. e. France and Germany - is showing signs of flexibility around the Brexit process. Stand by for an extension beyond 31 March and many more months of 'negotiations' and a great deal more nonsense in London.

Metro/Underground systems differ around the world. Madrid's demands that you buy a card and then charge this each time you travel. Once you've got your card, things are relatively simple. Provided you speak Spanish. If not, there might be someone near the ticket machines to help you. But, when it comes to complexity, I still think Oporto's takes the biscuit. And that's before you discover that the pronunciation of the station names bears little resemblance to the words on a page.

I drove c. 8,000 km between the end of September and this week. In 7 countries. As far as I know, I got only one fine for speeding, in France in early October. Of course, I only discovered this yesterday, by which time the amount had risen from 45 euros to 180. If I decline to send this, I guess it's prison next

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Sierra said...

Wow - just checked Apple laptop prices on Amazon - they are crazy - 2 to 3 times the price of an equivalent PC.

Colin Davies said...


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Do NOT speed !!!

That is the solution...


Colin Davies said...

We all slip up in 50kph zones, especially on dark roads at the dead of night . . .