Saturday, May 27, 2006

Second post of the day…

Oh dear. If you’ve bothered to read it, you’ll know that ‘feelbeat’ [a Gallego in London] has wasted a lot on energy on the premise that I am Scottish. Perhaps if he could read English as well as he thinks he does, this could have been avoided. I was going to post this tomorrow but his silly tirade has provoked me into adding it today. I will post it in Spanish later today:-

There are several important qualifications for reading my blog correctly. Not all Spanish commentators, I’m afraid, have these. Especially those sensitive souls who track comments on Galicia, Catalunia and X. There certainly are Spanish readers who have all the requirements and I’m very grateful for their contributions. Specifically, I appreciate the comments of Fernando in Ferrol, who often disagrees with me but does so on a rational basis. I believe he – like others – understands that I merely make observations and that I try to do so amusingly. I don’t pretend that they are all accurate. Anyway, here are the requirements. I make no apology if they sound arrogant:-
1. A high level of English
2. A sense of humour in general
3. A well developed sense of irony in particular
4. A mature grasp of political realities around the world, and
5. The ability to avoid indulging in historical irrelevancies whilst contemplating your navel.

If you don’t have all of these, please at least stop writing, if not reading as well. You’ll just end up irritating yourself and amusing us when you throw your toys out of the pram.

I can’t be bothered to respond to feelbeat other than to say that, if he thinks Galician ternera is the best meat in the world, then he’s never eaten anything else. It is, indeed, very tender but almost tasteless. I leave it to someone who really is Scottish to respond to the rest of his diatribe. I’m off for my siesta. And, if you're going to write again, feelbeat, please tell us what DOCUMENTATION is meant to mean. On second thoughts, don't bother.

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Anonymous said...

hi, im not the "galician in London", im who said that galician nationalism is not an independentist movement, and im sure that you can agree with me about that, you only have to take the electoral program of BNG.
I think that certain comments on this blog could have bothered becuase you give the impression of being talking from a certain "superiority", and you probably have not all the information that is required to have a completely formed opinion.
An example can be when you say things like Scottland is a country (it seems that you aren't scottish, but the example is valid), Galicia only a autonomus region. That's not really true: Galiza is recognised as nationality in the spanish constitution, and the politicians of all parties (included PP) talk about Galiza as a country.
I've seen that you compare (in an older post) the Galiza football team with a regional team, well, take Scottland like the example of a non-independent country that has his own international team.
Nowadays, Galiza has a strong autonomy (all can be improved), but it lacks in the national recognisment that other countries, like Scottland or Wales, have. And you can agree with me that spanish and galician cultures are not very similar, after all bullfighting, flamenco and all of this topics are as weird and strange for us like for you.
We have our own culture, very well defined, and the logic sais that this national reality must be recognised. It's not very difficult to understand.

I know that other answers have been a bit rude, dont take this in account, i think that we can disagree, of course, but at least politely.

*i know that my written english has to improve, but i think that it's comprensible... i hope.