Thursday, August 10, 2006

12.40: Third blog of the day.

‘Biolitical’ has written to reject a couple of the contentions in the Voz de Galicia article I posted earlier. This is in line with his/her belief that the major cause of the fires is the weather conditions working in conjunction with the widespread practice of scrub-burning by Galician farmers. As I say, I don’t know but – as I’ve indicated - my gut tells me he/she is more right than those who attribute the fires to a motley crew of criminals, pyromaniacs, timber merchants, property developers and drug dealers. To me, the latter smacks of expedient conspiracy thinking. But, then, the irony is that Biopolitical believes there is a widespread conspiracy to hide the truth from the public. And, by inference, so do I.

If this is true, then the local politicians are massively implicated not only in allowing it to go on happening but in weakening the capability to deal with the situation even when it is normal, never mind when it gets out of hand. No wonder they are doing their utmost to blame it on caricature figures such as ‘forestal terrorists’.

But, then, they couldn’t hope to get away with this if there weren’t a gullible populace and a hoodwinkable media.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Colin. I applaud your scepticism; you better keep applying it to me as well ;) Please note that I am not an expert.

I don't think there is a conspiracy to hide the truth. It is just that no politician or government official has any incentive to tell the truth, and many prefer to not even try to find it. The usual practice of La Voz de Galicia and the other Galician papers is to print whatever politicians and government officials say.

Portorosa said...

I insist:
There's a lot of reasons why there are fires in summer.
But I think the spectacular growth (in number and danger) has different ones; and I do believe they're criminal acts.