Thursday, August 10, 2006

16.10: 4th blog of the day.

‘Biopolitical’ has written to say he/she doesn’t actually believe there’s a conspiracy to fool the public around the activities of Galician farmers, just a lack of political will and a tame press. I must say the latter factor chimes with a view I’ve long had, viz. that 5 local newspapers couldn’t possibly survive without direct or indirect finance from political parties. Which means an unhealthy relationship, a reluctance to do much investigative journalism and a lack of interest in rocking boats. An insidious form of corruption.

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David said...

Very much appreciate and enjoy your comments and views on Galicia.
Having spent some time in Cumbria I gave the inhabitants a first class degree in stupidity. Now living in Catalonia I have had to withdraw that privalege by giving the first class qualification to the Catalans and a second class to Cumbrians. Now considering a move to Galicia I am thinking- in view of your comments that I will again be reconsidering who should have what. Surely nobody can be thicker than the Catalans!

Your reports on the fires bring understanding to us poor souls who cannot read Spanish. We just hope that the country side will recover, fortunately gum trees are very resilient to fire and will survive. Trust you have not personally been endangered by this outbreak.

Lovely blog, keep it up.