Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shopping in Liverpool today, I noticed there are almost as many blonde women there as in Pontevedra. And their faces are just as tanned. Well, orange to be more accurate.

The British media is dominated today by the arrest of two suspects in the case of the murdered 5 prostitutes. There have been numerous articles in the press but these heartfelt comments caught my attention today, for what they said about how British society has changed:- It used to be taboo to go with a prostitute. Something to be done furtively. Something that brought shame if you were found out. But now it’s something to do on a stag night or a night out with the boys. It's considered a bit of a laugh to go to a lap-dancing club or a brothel and pay for sex. It's disgraceful this has been allowed to happen. This is basically society saying it's okay to exploit women in the 21st century. The statistics quoted were well down on those I’ve seen for Spain, both as regards the number of prostitutes in the country and the percentage of British men who resort to them. But the gap is clearly closing, as southern European attitudes take hold in the UK. I wonder how they view this in Brussels, given the importance placed there on ‘convergence’. They certainly must look askance from Stockholm, where it’s now a criminal offence for a man to rent a woman’s body. Too much to hope for Spain, I fear. And for the UK too, it now seems.


David said...

I really must respond to your comments concerning the past and present day attitude to prostitution.

Fact number 1, It has always been there.
Fact 2. Not all women are forced into prostitution, many do it willingly.
Fact 3. If it was not for the need of "satisfaction" by males the trade would not exist. Conversely, not all prostitutes dislike their trade.
Fact 4. It is a very,very well paid occupation.

I do not understand why it is that the male gender is to blame for this profession. It takes two to tango!

Regarding your reflections on social attitudes then and now, At least it is now out in the open rather then hidden under the bed so to speak, as clearly demonstrated during the hypocritical Victorian era.

That is not to say that the Victorians did not care, indeed they attempted to help the poor women who were driven to this work due to destitution. Now days in general this is not the case with drug usage being one of the main causes for such activities. None the less Victorian males used prostitutes, but in their society they denounced them. At least now there is an open admission which with it will hopefully come understanding and welfare to those that want to escape the vice trade.


Richie said...

Hello Colin,

Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it very much. I'm a fellow ex-pat, now living in La Coruña.

I look forward to reading more of your stuff.


Richard Dowling

Anonymous said...

Hey Colin, I think you might find http://www.prostitutionprocon.org interesting. Not a lot on Spain but good info none the less.