Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whenever I go away for a week or more, I leave my cleaner instructions as to what she must attend to in my absence. And then I ponder the implications. For example, of her cleaning bookshelves which contain a number of fragile artefacts from around the world And so I end up moving things to a place of safe keeping. And wondering whether all cleaners around the world are as clumsy as the ones I’ve had. Or whether I’m just unlucky.

Be that as it may, I have tonight again enjoyed an excellent rabbit stew in the lovely old quarter of Villaviciosa in Asturias. Not to mention some of the town’s renowned cider. Perhaps rather too much, as the charming proprietress of the Charles I hotel seems to grow more appealing by the hour.

But, anyway, I must now sleep off the evening. And this certainly looks like being possible in this hotel, as there’s complete silence from outside and the door of my room boasts a long list of things – including bullicioso (boisterousness) – in which guests should not indulge. So, a hotel to recommend, if only for its admirable attitude towards noise levels. But whether all Spanish guests will abide by the rules is anyone’s guess, of course. Happily for me and my old friend Mike, we seem to be the only occupants tonight.


ハリソン said...

you knowマンベアピグ?
it's manbearpig!!

Diego said...
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