Monday, October 25, 2010

If I look at all the (English) books on my shelves, the titles on the spines are virtually all the same way round, running from the top to the bottom. And meaning you may have to tip your head to the right. Checking this out in the local library today, it was immediately clear that things are much more anarchic when it comes to Spanish books. And you may have to twist your head repeatedly in opposite directions. So, is this some sort of metaphor for life in Anglo and Hispanic cultures? I suspect so.

Health and Safety excess finally arrives in Spain  . . .  Ladies of the night working on the roadside outside a town in Cataluña have been ordered to wear fluorescent bibs, on pain of a 40 euro fine. But they probably charge more than that for taking them off.

And down south in Garrucha a couple of women have been arrested for spiking the drinks of elderly men they’d groomed via the internet and then robbing them blind. Presumably there’s no ‘club’ in Garrucha where they could do this in the more traditional way.

Finally . . . Although the Voz de Galicia fears that Vigo airport may soon be a phantom facility, 74% of its readers feel the Galician government was right not to subsidise low-cost airlines. Good to know the voters around here are as stupid as the votees. As they say, the people always get the government they deserve.

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Ferrolano said...


The mind boggles at the possible thought process that went into the requirement that the ladies of the night sport fluorescent bibs.

Is it that a person wearing a fluorescent vest is in need of roadside assistance?

Should the fluorescent material be cut into the shape of say, a Playboy Bunny so as to properly advertise the goods?

Will the town’s Health & Safety officer be making periodic inspections to ensure compliance with the rules, both on and off the pitch?

Can the bibs or vests only be purchased from a town council approved outlet?