Sunday, October 24, 2010

I’ve been trying to avoid referring to this but the pressure is too great. Plus I’ve got visitors from the UK and am pushed for time tonight . . . “An Ecuadorean has snoozed his way to win the title in Spain's first national siesta championship.” Siestas, I guess, were invented for folk too tired to take part in the fiestas.

More seriously, here’s news of a Spanish satirical magazine discovered by Guy Hedgecoe at Qorreo. As he says, “El Mundo Today is hilarious and a refreshing antidote to those who take Spanish news, media and culture too seriously”. I particularly like the report of the death of the kid who used to do Miró’s stuff.

Finally . . . Here’s an authoritative page for any of you who still doubt that Christopher Columbus (Crisóbal Colón) was born in my barrio of Poio, across the river from Pontevedra. More accurately, in the hamlet of Porto Santo. Where he first used to play with boats.

Finally, finally . . . I’m writing this in a wi-fi café next to a table of people talking in sign language. From the frenetic arm actions, I’m forced to the conclude that Spaniards shout even when they’re mute. Funny thing is, I'm so inured to actual noise, I've found the arm-waving more of a distraction . . .

Tailnote for new readers: The first nine chapters of my daughter’s novel can now be read and/or downloaded in pdf form, for easy reading. It’s a “Fast-paced political thriller but, above all, a personal tale of pride and paranoia.” Set in a fictionalised Cuba, it’s being e-published at the rate of at least a couple of chapters a week. If this entices you, click here.

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