Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It seems that John Carlin got it wrong when he said there were only two teams who could win the Spanish Primera league. After last night’s 5-0 demolition of Real Madrid by Barcelona, it  already looks like an even-less-exciting one horse race. I would, incidentally have enjoyed watching the match if my friend Jon, whose place I went to to see it, had actually had the relevant TV channel.

Meanwhile, they’re not yet cracking more granite on the construction site behind my house, just moving huge boulders of the stuff. And parking their cars in front of our garages.

Given how many readers have written to mention it, I guess I’d better cite the woman from Pontevedra province (down on the Portuguese border, in fact) who's registered her ownership of the sun with an obliging local notary.

Regional elections just about anywhere in Spain are far too complex for me to understand. So what chance do I have with Cataluña? Click here for some analysis of what looks on the surface like a set-back for both the socialists and the nationalists. Exactly as happened two years ago here in Galicia. Given the macro European situation, I was amused to read that the CiU victory “reflected voter dissatisfaction over having to subsidise poorer regions of Spain”. As I regularly say, ‘solidarity’ is a one-way street here in Spain.

These two fotos show the elements of the phrase which Pontevedra city council likes to use about its charge – Boa Vila. Or Good/Pretty/Fine town. In Gallego, of course. They’re actually being used as barriers to stop cars going into certain parts of the old quarter. It’s a good idea but I can’t help feeling it’d be more effective if the words weren’t 200 metres apart. And round the corner from each other. Rendering them meaningless to visitors.

Finally . . .  Here’s a foto of some of the lovely lady teachers with whom I have an hour of English conversation every Monday evening. If they don’t look entirely happy, it’s because I didn’t given them any notice of this shot. So, I’ve had to promise to take and post another one in two weeks’ time, after they’ve done whatever it is women feel they need to do before being snapped. Then we can all play Spot the Difference

Tailnote: The Second Death of Juan la Roca. My daughter has now posted Chapter 12. Click here.


Sierra said...

...or you could have watched highlights of the match on La Sexta immediately after it finished. Of course, to make sure you enjoyed it they told you the score, more than once, prior to showing it.

Perry said...

A Galician woman has decided to own the Sun eh? She's not daft as she can then start charging the people who gather the Sun's rays. I know it's madness, but She could be on to a winner if she obtains even 0.001% of the money that Solar Panels gather for their owners. Except that the money is disappearing faster than a rat up a drain pipe.


Still & all, there are still Clatharites. Ooops!!


Perry said...

BTW, I do know the difference between catamites and clathrates. Ooops again!

Colin said...

Thanks, Perry.