Monday, November 29, 2010

Big news today with the announcement that Christopher Columbus was born not in Poio but in Madeira. And was, in fact, the son of an exiled Polish king. Well, as he had a Portuguese wife, this might explain the “notes in Galician” on his maps. Which is all that can be said for this ridiculous theory which denies the great man was born here in Poio and so was a Gallego through and through.

The other big news is that Spain won’t reach the 6% deficit target next year. Which is a nice lead into both this article and this one as to where we are in the euro drama.

Today I had confirmation of something I’ve suspected for a while. It relates to my border collie, Ryan, who’ll be 100 in human terms in the middle of January. Since he’s now pretty slow, I’ve taken to going on shorter walks than we used to do, because these take as much time as I’m prepared to allocate for this. For some time, I’ve felt that Ryan was displaying his disgust at this by, literally, dragging his feet. But today I had no patience with this and, from the outset, prompted him delicately with a stick where his delicate parts would be if they hadn’t been delicately removed many years ago. Only to find that he could virtually run the whole distance when he really wanted to. So that will be a fix from now on. And perhaps we’ll return to the full circuit. The other advantage of this is that, if I’m pushing him from behind, there’s no chance I’ll look up from my book or magazine to find that my virtually deaf and blind canine friend has wandered off because he can’t see or hear me in front of him. And doesn’t respond to my whistle to bring him back, as he can’t hear it. What serendipity!

Finally . . . the picture for today is of one of the several pigeons which were determined to get some of my Sunday lunch. What I’d really like to show you is a foto of the imbeciles who throw food down for these flying rats but I didn’t have my machine gun with me so couldn’t take the picture I really wanted to take.

Finally, finally . . . . my nice desktop picture.

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Martin said...

How about a current photo of Ryan as he approaches his centenary.