Saturday, November 27, 2010

It’s Saturday, so here’s a brief account of an illustrious (if that’s the word) predecessor in Pontevedra, kindly cited by reader Victor.

And here’s an Economist article on the Spanish economy, the essence of which that the future of the euro depends entirely on President Zapatero acting quickly and decisively. So, that’s it; no bloody chance. Señor Zap’s idea of urgency and decisiveness is to call in the leading 35-39 businessmen in the country for a lecture. And to promise ‘more’ transparency. If observers of the official property market statistics are to be believed, ‘some’ would be a much more appropriate word.

To be (a bit more) positive, here’s Desmond Cleary refuting some criticisms of the Spanish economy but highlighting where he thinks a real problem lies.

As ever, I recommend a reading of all the comments which follow these articles.

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