Sunday, November 28, 2010

One of the waitresses in this café is sporting a T-shirt on which is written “Find me a man for my life”. I just asked her if she knows what it says and she admitted she had no idea as she couldn’t speak English. I guess it could have been worse.

Anyway, President Zapatero met with 37 businessmen in the end. Or I should say 36 businessmen and one businesswoman. These were, of course, the heads of Spain’s leading companies. As one paper pointed out, apart from being 99% male, every one of them is Spanish. Which the writer doubted would be the case in other major economies. The meeting went brilliantly, of course, but no one seems to be terribly confident it will result in the rapid, decisive action on the part of Sr. Z that’s allegedly vital to save the euro.

It was nice to see Bernard Henri Lévi writing a eulogy to rugby in El País today. Elsewhere in the same paper, the ever-excellent John Carlin was giving the lie to the widespread belief here that the Spanish Primera is the best football (soccer) league in the world. Actually, he went so far as to say that – because only two teams have any chance of winning it – not only is it not the best but it competes with its Scottish equivalent to rank as the worst. He’ll be popular.

More importantly, the Poio museum dedicated to our most illustrious son, Christopher Columbus, was inaugurated last week, thanks to a major subvention from the government’s Plan E fund. Not to be missed.

Finally . . . I’m guessing the plumbing is now all in place in the new houses behind mine, now well into their fifth year of construction. They’ve taken away the temporary toilet anyway. So, I guess they’ll soon be building the community swimming pool which figured in the plans I saw six years ago in the spot where the Portaloo used to be. If so, it won’t be taking up much more of a footprint. Unless they cut down some trees and do some more granite pounding. Oh, joy. Meanwhile, The Great Wall of Poio has yet to be finished.

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