Monday, November 15, 2010

This is un tuning.

Specifically, un tuning gitano. Or gypsymobile. I haven’t shown any for a while. It lives in the encampment near me and has a garish orange companion I’ve yet to snap.

And here’s another resident of the encampment. 

He crosses the bridge and comes into town on his own every day and then wanders around in quite a friendly manner. He, too, has a companion I’ve yet to snap. And I guess they’re responsible for the dog dirt that litters the pavement on the bridge.


Ferrolano said...

Colin, your photos and tale about the dog, reminded me of something that I saw when living in Cadiz, a few years ago. There was a Labrador type of dog whose owner had been taken to hospital where he unfortunately died. The dog, knowing that his owner had gone to the hospital would go along there every day and wait for him at the main entrance. Some hours later, the dog would then get up, cross the street and walk along the beach front, presumably to where he would rest for the night. The following day and for some years, it was all repeated, with some kind hearted local people making sure that he had food and water.

Colin said...

Yes, this dog looks too ´fine' to be a gypsy dog and your comments have made me wonder whether (like many dogs) it was abandoned in the forests above me, and adopted by the gypsies but still wanders into town looking for its previous owners. It seemed very interested in the entrane I finally caught up with him at.

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