Friday, May 27, 2011

As I predicted, the fight for the PSOE crown is getting less and less democratic by the day. The young female contender (and only opponent to the Crown Prince, Rubalcaba) has now un-declared herself. Just as well, I feel, as her candidacy was ridiculous. And so would have wasted time the party doesn't seem to think it has, as the 'barons' push very publicly for the rapid abdication of President Zapatero and the coronation of Rubalcaba. Not what Graeme over at South of Watford would ever have wanted. Or expected, I suspect.

In Spain there is always a 'day of reflection' just before any elections. Perhaps someone should have advised the PSOE party to have a week or two of reflection
after the recent elections. As it is, we're being given an unedifying display of a microcosm of Spanish politics - tribal and baronial. But I did predict it would be fun and here's IberoSphere to confirm this.

Down at the regional level, it's good to know we can hold our own in
the corruption stakes. I was beginning to think our politicos weren't trying hard enough.


If you're familiar with Iberian architectural idioms, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this little church/chapel was in Portugal.

In fact, it's down at the bottom of my hill, near where I park my car before I walk across the bridge into town. It shows the influence of our near neighbour and linguistic sister. As does the General Hospital in the centre of town. . .

This foto is notable in two respects:- The building on the left is said to be the oldest in Pontevedra (11th century) and the only one which bears evidence of Moorish influence. The building on the right is the first bar/restaurant to close in the old quarter, after a long period during which a new bar-cum-disco opened every other week. This might yet prove to be a trend. I shall ask my daughter and her friend to do some market research next week, when they go de copas.

It's not all closures downtown. 

Firstly, I saw two new kiosks there today - Compro Or and Mr Gold. A real sign of the times, like all the post-us-your-old-gold ads on British TV. Presumably no-one would trust the mail here. So it all has to be face-to-face. As ever in Spain.

Secondly, there is this big sign in the corner of the main square, where I've regularly snapped the eyesore which was the deteriorating Savoy Café. 

The restored place is promised for spring but I hae me doots. Technically, they have until 21 June, which is when the Spanish regard spring as ending and summer beginning. But we will see.

I've been trying to snap this gypsy-mobile for quite some time. As it's been souped up - at least superficially - it's known as un tuning here.

Finally . . . A cartoon that made me LOL . . .

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