Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congratulations to Barca on another stunning performance tonight.

Or, as The Times columnist put it: Barcelona did not just win the European Cup final at Wembley this evening. They illuminated it, with Lionel Messi and his team producing a performance of such majesty and such wonder that their claims to legend and immortality were lent considerable weight. This was a masterclass, embellished not only by Messi but by Xavi Hernandez, their captain on the night, and by an all-round performance that strengthened Barcelona’s claims to being the greatest team of all time. That will always remain open to debate, but this is without question a truly great team.

Perhaps the only other thing to say is that there were quite a few (non Catalan) Spaniards who were hoping for a Manchester United victory.

Oh, and how stupid it is, and always has been, for the United goalkeeper to kick the ball (aimlessly?) upfield, virtually guaranteeing that Barca got possession, from which to mount yet another attack. Wonder what the statistics are. Especially on whether the second half saw less of this madness.


Ferrolano said...

Inherently I am not a Barcelona fan but I had to admit to all who watched the match with me that they played a magnificent game and deserved their win.

Colin said...


Sierra said...

...there were quite a few (non Northern) Brits who were hoping for a Barcelona victory.

Colin said...

And even a few of us Northern Brits!

Colin said...

Or at least for the better team to win. Of which there can be no possible dispute.

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