Monday, May 30, 2011

I was going to write that the PSOE's leader election process has much in common with FIFA's. In both cases there'll be the formality of a coronation of the only candidate (left) standing. But, in fact, there's a difference between Spanish and FIFA politics. With the latter, leading lights can be suspended for alleged corruption. With the former, corruption is ignored in favour of returning candidates - some actually in gaol - who must have ruled with an eye to Bacon's dictum that "Money is like muck; no good lest it be spread".

Taking my occasional peek at the small ads at the back of a local paper yesterday, I saw one which featured the word belludo. But I can't tell you what noun this adjective was qualifying. I thought it had something to do with beauty but ultimately decided it was either a Gallego word or the mis-spelling of velludo. Or 'hairy'. Getting the V and B wrong is not uncommon here, as they're pronounced the same. So, I live in either Boa Vista or Voa Bista. And the gypsies below me live in O Vao or O Bao.

I mentioned last night that one of the advantages of football (soccer, if you insist) is that it can be played by people of any height. Overwhelming evidence in support of this contention comes from the statistic that the average height of Barça players is five foot seven. 

Still on football, here's the estimable Charlie Brooker, with his take on the obscene salaries that are paid these days. And other things.

Spanish consumer orientation . . .When you click on UK newspapers, you get their front page. When you click on either El Pais or El Mundo, you get irritating bloody ads. That said, I do have to pay to get past the paywall of The Times. Which I judge to worth it because of the quality of their columnists. I doubt that I'd pay to read either the Daily Telegraph or The Guardian.

Finally . . .  My apologies for missing out both a foto and a word in my paragraph on wind turbines last night. All is now as it should be. Or should have been.


Ferrolano said...

Colin, what I never manage to understand with football players salaries is that the select few are paid more in a month than the total budget for some of the smaller teams for the whole year – sure Racing de Ferrol does not have the same crowd pull as Man U, but…..??

Colin said...

Yep, astonishing, isn't it?