Wednesday, June 01, 2011

As I detest them, I don't need much of an excuse not to eat cucumbers. If I did, it wouldn't be hard to find one right now. But let's hope the situation is clarified soon as the effect on Spanish foodstuff exports is devastating. The last thing the country needs as it tries to export its way out of The Crisis.

Talking of disasters . . . In the UK, it was the warmest spring since 1659. Here in Spain records don't go back quite that far but it was the driest spring for fifty years. The Galician Xunta is not alone in asking people to take care with water use. But the Spanish are notoriously profligate with this commodity and I fear it'll be an uphill task getting people to cut back on its use.

Some national body or other has pronounced that our electricity bills are undecipherable and that the liberalisation of the market last year has not resulted in any effective competition. Which is no great surprise. After more than two years of practice, my supplier continues to overestimate my consumption in the first half of each billing period. Which I'm guessing is not an accident. 

In case you were wondering, the number of tents in the Indignantes' camp has now risen to 31. But I don't know whether they found anyone to teach them gym and tai-chi. They were calling people for food when I walked past this morning and I was tempted to sit down and see what the reaction was. But I chickened out. Anyway, the Democracia Real Ya movement has said it's preparing a large scale demonstration for October 15th. However, they have no plans to form a political party. Their preference is to collect signatures and to solicit support for legislative initiatives. Which doesn't, on the face of it, sound like much of a revolt or revolution.

Finally . . . Galician white wines. You may just have heard of Albariño wines, produced in southern Galicia and northern Portugal. You might even have been able to get some in the UK or the USA. There's less of a possibility you've heard of Ribeiro wines, from the Ribadavia area up near Ourense. But I'm sure very few of you have heard of Godello wine, which comes from the area of Valdeorras. So, here's a recommendation - The bodega of Joaquín Rebolledo. Enjoy. If you can find it.

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