Monday, October 10, 2011

Happily, the Galician movement for independence from Spain is not quite in the same league as the Basque ETA group. It very rarely does anything newsworthy and, when it does, one's tempted to conclude it's not terribly serious. Or do I mean competent? Their latest achievement was to place an artefact in the doorway of a Vigo branch of our new bank, Novacaixagalicia, yesterday, having first - cartoon-like - attached to it a note saying ‘danger, bomb’. The package was taken out and blown up at the cost of a few nearby windows.

Having queried a few months ago why the Telecinco TV channel would want to air a Spanish version of Cheers, I can't say I was terribly surprised to read that low viewing numbers have led to the cancellation of what the channel had hoped would be its best bet for high ratings over the autumn.

Back in the UK, a female columnist on the Sunday Times has asserted that:- "One of the unintended consequences of feminism has been to marginalise men. Feminism has in practice been a long march not just towards emancipation but also against masculinity. Last week, in a new sign of this, the chief executive of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (a woman) announced that young women were now earning more on average than young men. Among women aged 22-29, the gender pay gap has been reversed, partly because these women are better qualified than men of their age. This is not good news. Surely it is not what feminists fought for. The battle cry was for equality with men — including equal pay — not for victory over them. . . . . I was horrified when I heard my nine-year-old daughter firmly telling my four-year-old son that boys do all the bad things in the world, and are rough and selfish. Girls, she assured him, were good. She was only mouthing the politically correct attitude of the time. People had suddenly discovered testosterone, the male hormone, as the root of all social evil, competition, teenage violence and war — all attributable to men. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings comes the cant of the day. . . . It is odd that so little fuss is made about all this. Perhaps people are tired of the gender wars. Perhaps men and boys have internalised the prevalent idea that somehow masculinity is rather a nuisance: aggressive, impulsive, selfish with a poor attention span, and self-evidently the stuff of feral youth and violent crime. The notion that manliness was valuable — that a manly man would protect his wife and children and provide for them — has been undermined by the freedom of women to manage quite well (apparently but not actually) without them, indeed very much better without them at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale, since this country’s benefit payments could have been specifically designed to make men redundant, and feel it.Now young women are beginning to earn more per hour than men of their age. Imagine how that must feel to any young man trying to prove himself as an adult, a lover or a father: the effort would hardly be worth it. If this trend spreads to other generations and to other pay grades, we will soon have generations of deeply disaffected and angry men. That was not, surely, what generations of feminists had in mind."

I must ask my daughters. And possibly my ex-wives. About the UK situation, I mean. I venture to say that whatever feminism Spain has seen in the last 30-40 years has not done much, if anything, to suppress masculinity here. Nor femininity, thank God.

But, anyway, it's good to read that foreign buyers of Spanish properties are way up this year on last year. 38% up, in fact.

Finally . . . Click here for a gallery of amazing street art in Brussels.


Ferrolano said...

Some of the street / wall paintings from various countries around the world are very, very good. It is a pity that the only thing seen in Spain (by me), is lousy grafitti and this in general, where it should not be – shop fronts, peoples garage doors and similar!!

Rudy Vinyl said...

Dear Colin,
I notice that who? ever thought , or got the brilliant ? Idea to call our new Bank "NovaCaixaGalica " not a very clever move , they let themselves in to a very dangerous logo-pan slogan situation , sadly but true that more than once I found out that "NovCaixaGalica" NO CAGA"...oh dear...hope they don't take it 2 serious .

Candide said...

(Sexual) selection has made us, men and women, what we are. If there are (archaic) traits of ours we deem not useful anymore or even harming, we have culture to compensate.

Culture has given us science (e.g. Darwin) but also other things. Like -d'oh!- feminism.

We just got to smarten up.

Colin Davies said...

@Ferrolano. Ironically, I had planned to publish the fotos of the Brussels wall paintings alongside a gallery of graffiti from around Pontevedra. But this will have to wait a while.

Az said...

"Feminism", the third biggest lie in the world. What it's come to mean is that man still clubs woman over the head and drags her to his cave, only this time she's expected to open the door, do the dishes, hunt for the deer, cook the meal, change the light bulbs and worry about the service of the car while he sits in a corner and watches tv all day. What utter bull. Women were never supposed to be men, or take on their roles. But then again, if men were real men...

Anyway, I could never understand where ETA (or any leftist/rightist groups) get's their antagonistic energy from. As an outsider, I'm like "hey, you're in Spain, what's there to fight about?". They should all move to Africa, see what real life is all about.

Colin Davies said...

I suspect I should know this but what are the first 2 Big Lies? On reflection, I've just recalled what one of them might be but it's not reproducible in a family blog.

As for ETA, for them the whole point is that they are not in/part of Spain. Or France.

Az said...

@Colin. 1st lie - the concept of Democracy. It's all wonderful in theory, but in essence it contradicts itself and in reality, it doesn't exist.

2nd biggest lie in the world - the concept of "the Brand"... I cannot for the life of me understand why people would work their lives away to pay 100 times more for a clothing item or a pair of shoes just because someone's name is on it... particularly if it's the same quality and made from the exact same material.

As for ETA... they exclude themselves and then want to blame the country for it? Sounds like they have issues. Someone's mother never loved them. said...

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