Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I initially thought it was a spoof but No, there really is a program on British TV called Desperate Scousewives. Set, of course, in Liverpool, it's both a parody of the US comedy-drama, Desperate Housewives, and an attempt to cash in on the popularity of the 'semi-reality' program, The Only Way is Essex. Click here if you really want to see a (tasteless) taster. And good luck with the accent. As some critic has nicely put it, these programs "offer the over-tanned and under-talented a chance to dress up to the nines and get on the VIP list for Chinawhite". Which is apparently a luxury nightclub.

Talking of entertainment, Spain's new Culture Minister has made a surprise declaration of war on internet piracy. "Nobody", he says, "is going to respect the culture of a country which leads the rankings for illegal downloads". It'll be interesting to see what system is put in place and, more importantly, whether it operates in practice.

Click here if you want to see "the set of dreamy renderings" which Norman Foster and his partners have put forward for the AVE high-speed-train station up in Ourense. As if we don't have enough vanity projects in Galicia as it is, following Sr Fraga's regnum.

Finally . . . It was nice to be reminded today that War is God's way of teaching the Americans geography.

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