Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is the new web page - Luella - of a couple of friends of mine who live the rural life in Asturias. It's for Spanish speakers and is by-lined Sostenibilidad y ahorro, pero sin morirse de hambre y/o aburrimiento. And these are topics covered todate:-
- 10 usos para el vinagre
- Abueling
- Arrumacos 5/01
- Jardín vertical
- Materia prima
- Música: Lianne la Havas
- Porcografía
- Siembra: Enero
- Sostenibilidad y ahorro, pero sin morirse de hambre y/o aburrimiento.

Talking of lists, I found this one on my computer today and suspect it was compiled a few years ago. It was entitled Anything Goes but should probably be headed Things that Annoy me. It possibly says more about me than about Spain:-
Drivers not stopping for someone waiting to use a zebra crossing
Drivers not stopping for someone already on a zebra crossing

Drivers who don’t leave a gap when traffic is stationary on a roundabout

People who let their kids run round cafés noisily

People who let their babies cry loudly in cafés

People parking cars/vans on the pavement, blocking pedestrians

Groups holding a conversation in the middle of the pavement(sidewalk), making passage difficult for others

People parking across corners

People parking on zebra crossings

People blocking you in by double/triple parking

People asking you for your ID when it makes no sense at all

People asking your ID for very small credit card payments

People interrupting to ask questions when you’re being served, eg by a bank teller

People cutting across you in the street as they change direction or come out of buildings

People having mobile phone conversations in quiet places

Adults riding bikes on the pavement

Kids riding bikes on the pavement, weaving in and out of others at speed

People arriving late for films, concerts and the like.

People leaving early from films, concerts and the like.

People letting a door go when you are only a metre or so from it

People taking 2 or more newspapers in a café

People not returning the papers to the rack in a café

Being asked to complete paper-heavy procedures which make no sense at all

Drivers cutting in an autovia queue after ignoring the signs and driving up to the front, where the traffic is funnelling down to a single lane.

Drivers who indulge in double and triple parking

People taking their time to come out of the café once they’ve been alerted to the fact they’re blocking someone in.

People leaving the checkout queue to (leisurely) go and get something they’ve forgotten.

People parking across two boxes

People parking 2-3 metres away from the next car

People bumping into you as they pass

People crossing a few centimetres in front of you when they could cross a few behind you

People smoking when you’re eating

People shouting, not talking, in a bar. Or a cinema. Or anywhere, in fact.

People using their influence to gain advantage, or to circumvent the rules.

People jumping the queue

Drivers crossing white lines to do a U turn

Drivers parking with the end of their car sticking out

Drivers going the wrong way down one-way streets

People who park in front of your garage

People you are talking to (eg in the bank) stopping to take a phone call or to talk to someone who has come in and interrupted you.

Friends who take a mobile call when they are talking to you


Joanna P. said...

Thanks for the free ad, Colin! I hope all is well with you.

Ferrolano said...

The articles on the Luella blog are very interesting and worth a look and read. As for your list, I have no problem in sharing the revised title “Things that annoy me” as I can identify with most if not all of the items, especially; People parking cars/vans on the pavement, blocking pedestrians, to which I would add, forcing them to walk in the road.

Andrietabeladan said...

Colin , maybe it's a good idea if you would adapt a little more to the ways in Spain ... I always make a point of dropping all my Anglo-Germanic "manners" whenever we are in Galicia or other Latin countries and do virtually everything on your list and find it very refeshing :-)
Thanks for a great blog !!
A long-term reader from Austria

Colin said...


Ah, you've rumbled me. Almost unconsciously, I've absorbed Spanish manners and find myself far less
"British" now that I'm living among them for a while. Though no one's complained yet. Delighted you enjoy the blog. Best wishes. C.

Bill said...

Golly, what a long list of things that make you irritated! ;) Some of them irritate me a little, too, but quite a lot are in no way unique to Spain - I've come across many of these in the UK and in other countries I've lived in. I do like Andrietabeladan's solution, though :)

globalgal said...

As an American living in Spain, many of those things used to annoy me, too. But then my Spanish husband and I moved to China, where all of the items on your list are standard issue behaviors. Now when we're back in Spain for holidays I find myself astonished, happily so, that the Spanish will at least slow down when they see someone in the zebra crossing, rather than speed up as they do in Beijing. ;)

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