Monday, January 09, 2012

In his blog, The Spanish Shilling, Lenox today mentions that friends to whom books are lent hardly ever return them. And I was immediately reminded of the alleged Confucian saying that "It has never been established who is the more stupid, he who lends a book or he who gives one back."

Travel from Liverpool back to Leeds today gave me the chance to see yet another film - The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as a couple of guys who only have six to twelve months to live and who set out to get the most out of it. There's quite a bit of humour which, if not exactly black, is certainly grey. Worth seeing.

Walking from the train station to the bus-stop, I noted that Leeds has yet another coffee chain - Caffé Nero. This bills itself as the Italian coffee café. Which takes me back to the film, in which there's a running joke about an ultra-expensive coffee from Sumatra, called Kopi Luwak. You'll appreciate that Kopi is Indonesian for 'coffee'. And that, as with other languages such as Persian, the p and the f are interchangeable. As in Telepon.

The good news about cafés is that the Starbucks in Headingley has quite definitely closed down.

Finally . . . . I'm delighted to report that the number of people who include this blog on their Google Reader list has finally reached 150. OK, not vast, but gratifying.


Azra said...

Isn't it weird that I just watched "The Bucket List" yesterday afternoon? Although it wasn't the first time.

Sierra said...

Last month you mentioned the revised "useless" residence certificate. The following clarification may be helpful:

Colin said...

Thanks, Sierra. Seems clear enough. Trouble is, as it lacks a foto, it's not accepted as proof of identity.

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