Saturday, January 07, 2012

This is a tale of two films.

The first is the one I mentioned the other night - Dinner for One. This turns out to be something that was first performed in the 1920's or 30's, before being filmed in the 1960's. And it's really a 30 minute sketch, not a feature film. You can see it on YouTube here and you can find some interesting data here. Like the fact that, although it may be revered by millions in other countries, few in Britain have ever heard of it and those that have don't find it at all funny.

The second film is The Way, the Sheen family homage to the Camino de Santiago. Not involving Charlie, obviously. It's quite delightful and frequently funny but this father found himself fighting back tears too often for comfort. Which is not really a criticism as just about any film has that effect on me these days. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

There is an utterly bizarre link between the films. The central theme of Dinner for One is that the butler impersonates all his mistress's dead friends and drinks himself to oblivion in the process. In The Way, the group of pilgrims worries about the sounds of drinking and revelling coming from a man and woman upstairs in an inn. They go up to investigate, to find the innkeeper drinking both as himself and as a female companion who isn't, of course, there.

I wonder what the odds might be on this.


Lenox said...

My mad half-German stepmother would pull Dinner For One out each year, following a tradition of having seen it in Stuttgart every Christmas. She probably identified quite strongly with the cast. I believe I've got it somewhere on DVD. The Germans, not noted for their sense of humour, are very partial to this picture.
Hope that you're back in Spain soon.

Perry said...

Returning to the subject of Galica, you might find this link about the AVE service useful.

There are some interesting videos produced by Adif.

Colin said...

Thanks, Lenox. LoL. Hope to be back in Spain soon.
All the best.


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