Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Germany these days - especially in Greece - may have a reputation for being tough and unforgiving. But this is unfair, as this week a witch who was burnt at the stake 385 years ago has finally been pardoned. Redressing the balance somewhat. Or at least a little.

Still on this theme of German intransigence, here's Jeremy Warner on the the plight of the ordinary Greeks:- Should they be further punished for the sins and omissions of the old political and business elite? They've already been driven close to open rebellion. Morally and socially, it cannot be right to push them any further. To keep on demanding more is no longer an economic strategy, but a form of sadistic vindictiveness, designed, perhaps deliberately, to back the country into a corner. Warner believes that, unless it leaves the eurozone, Greece faces death by a thousand cuts. For his rationale, click here.

But if you want a really trenchant view on what's happening in/to Greece, click here for Ambrose E-P's thoughts. He believes the German objective is to force Greece out of the eurozone. And who's to say he's wrong? Oh, and by the way, he uses the word Sisyphean. Possibly not for the first time.
And click here for more statistics on the Spanish house market. The slump this time round looks like being worse than the two previous busts in 1979 and 1991.
The Castellón airport has featured in this blog before. It's the place which hasn't had to bother with the inconvenience of flights since it was opened almost a year ago. And now the runway is being broken up because of errors made in its construction. Which will add to the 150m euros cost of this whitest of white elephants. You couldn't make it up.
Word of the Week (and new to me) - Hellion: A rowdy, mischievous, or troublemaking person, especially a child. Which reminds me . . . Carlos Tévez has stopped sulking in South America and come back to Manchester. It remains to be seen how long it will be before Manchester City offloads him.
Finally . . . 'Mikke Kat' may well be another pseudonym for the person masquerading as 'James Tyler'. Of 'English slimme' fame. Anyway, here's something he's honoured me with recently. If you believe the American and British states are controlled by Zionists, you'll enjoy it. To the rest of us it's pretty risible.


Ferrolano said...

Colin, I don’t believe that the Zionists are in sole control, rather that they along with other (non Zionist) worldwide financial and industrial entities certainly have a hand in shaping our destiny. Including the promoting and electing of Prime Ministers and Presidents. These days, the best that Joe Blogs or John Doe can do is to maybe influence his local or borough council in making a decision, which in the end will be dictated from “higher authority” to fit in with the global master plan. Do you believe that the “Indignados” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movements have achieved anything? Sure, they have collected justifiable criticism and praise from all walks of life, but in the grand scheme of things, what has been the outcome??

BTW, please don’t mix me in with some of your more peculiar correspondents, such as Mikke Kat or James Tyler….

Perry said...

Hellions? they are all over the place.


Colin said...

Yep, I saw that page.

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