Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An outfit called Eurobarometer has researched corruption in Europe. Here are its findings in respect of Spain:-

1. 88% of Spaniards consider corruption to be a serious problem, compared with:-
- the Greeks 98%
- the Portuguese and Cypriots 97%
- the Hungarians and Romanians 96%
- the Bulgarians 95%
- the EU average 74%
- the Danish 10%

2. Most of those questioned in Spain think corruption has increased over the past three years.

3. 93% of Spaniards think corruption affects national institutions.

4. Spaniards think the use of backhanders and the abuse of personal power are particularly extensive in Spain.

5. 67% of Spaniards believe the civil servants who issue building permits are corrupt, and

6. Judges are considered by 41% of Spaniards to be corrupt, against 38% for customs officials and 37% for the police.

As to the reasons for the perceived corruption, the following were identified:-
- the lack of transparency in public spending - 43%
- the failure of the political class to combat corrupt behaviour - 40%
- those found guilty are given minimal sentences or don’t even have to go to court - 33%
- links between businessmen and politicians are too intimate - 28%.

I must say I'm surprised that judges are felt to be corrupt by 41%.

And now for something completely different . . . The incomparable James Tyler has written to me again. He assures me that Regarding the Tribe of Dan is true. Look on the dollar bill, what does it say? "Annuit Cœptis Novus Ordo Seculorum" Go to Google translate, select translate: "Latin" to "English". But please remember the English monarchy inter-bred with the money lenders and Jew-El-ers, in exchange for debt being forgiven. These were of course Ashkenazi Jews. Today the Queen of England, her homosexual grandson Prince William (soon to be the Anti-Christ) are Talmudic JEWS

To save you the trouble of going to Google Translate, here's what you'd get if you did:- Consented to the attempts New World Order.

Mr Tyler has kindly sent me this video, which proves that the British queen and the Duchess of Cambridge are both jews. Which I would have thought would disqualify the former from her position as head of the Anglican Church. But what do I know? Anyway, the video will bring tears to your eyes.

Finally . . . One of my daughter's friends has a delightful 18 month old daughter, called Evie. When she's departing she smiles, waves and says not Bye-bye but Die! Die! As if she were doing an impression of Heinrich Himmler.


moscow said...

Hi Colin,

Cavallier with information as usual. I looked into the 2009 report and the Uk and Germany's % were around
75%. This might have changed now. That I don't know. But no big difference.

Ferrolano said...

Colin, you have a gem of an informant with Mr. Tyler and I am still chuckling over the video. Perhaps he can come up with something about Spanish corruption being a Jewish imposition. BTW, I perceive that the Spanish people have always known about (and understood) corruption but felt that it was something that you just accepted, as you could not win if you fought it. Now they see that this is not the case and are calling for official accountability.

Colin said...


Good to hear. These stats weren't given in the article I read.

Candide said...

Man, as someone who has irresponsibly and arrogantly taken up the task of battling the Cataloonies every day, I feel delighted to see that there is not only one dark side of the moon.

As to the opinion polls, and I do regard this matter as more serious, I am sure that a round 100% of Spaniards know that corruption is endemic. And widely spread.

Some are just delusional.

Azra said...

LOL! I love Evie and I don't even know her :D

Mr Tyler needs a full time job, maybe then he won't have time for shit.

Colin said...

Evie speaks well of you too. My influence, I guess.