Friday, February 03, 2012

So, the 27 year-old companion of the captain of the Costa Concordia has again defended his actions on that fateful night. Whilst admitting that Yes, the underwear in his cabin was hers. His wife, too, has been defending him against his critics but one wonders now whether she will continue to.

The chap who painted the early murals on the walls of the Facebook office thought that the concept was ridiculous. Nonetheless he accepted shares in lieu of cash payment. Which is why he'll be a multi-millionaire when the company goes public shortly. Lucky bastard.

Talking of money . . . The Spanish government has announced it will be capping at 600,000 euros the salaries of those bankers working in banks that have received government help. With no bonus at all. Can't see this happening in the UK.

England took on Pakistan at cricket again today and promptly bowled them out for a meagre 99. But, with the talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory I mentioned last week, England eschewed the chance to gain a big lead and forfeited six wickets for only 100 runs.

I apologise to all those readers for whom cricketing information will make no sense whatsoever.

Finally . . . Click here for some delightful fotos of African animals in the Cabarceno wildlife park in Cantabria. Handy for the ferry port of Santander.

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