Saturday, April 07, 2012

A Bit of Headingley in Pictures. Es todo.

Some nice middle-class properties. Occupied by their owners.

Otley Road (the speed track for siren-happy police cars and ambulances). Note all the To Let signs, suggesting a surplus of supply over demand.

The shop of Mr (and Mrs) Sandwich.

And the man advertising the shop with a board. And a T-shirt.


And here's the nicely named Wokon, next door to Mr Sandwich.

This arcade is normally thronged with students, outside Wilkos and Sainsburys. And at the bus-stop.

There are many letting agencies in the High Street. This is the latest. It was fitted out in a couple of weeks. Which probably wouldn't have happened in Spain.

My afternoon café. On the corner. Very nice place. Frequented by extraordinarily polite people. And me.

One of the three Thai restaurants within walking distance. And another of the letting agencies.

Nice middle-class properties. Occupied by students. Hence the closed curtains. 24/7. And 52.


Az said...

Nice photos :) And so typically British haha

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Azra. Shame it was such a dull day. But, hey, that's life in the UK. Some of the buildings are more traditionally Yorkshire than the UK. As are the accents but you'll have to take my word for that.