Sunday, April 08, 2012

Gruesome Garments; More Odd Ads; A Boastful Brick; Passing Pubs; and A Rosary Request.

If you've never seen fotos of the weird - not to say eerie - Holy Week outfits of Spain, click here.

I saw a TV ad today which had this line running across the bottom of it:- Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. And the product? A chocolate rabbit. Presumably the manufacturers don't wish to be pilloried for contributing to the plague of obesity now threatening the UK.

Talking of strange ads . . . I heard someone promoting Icelandic Knitting Tours today. Which were described as "A high fibre holiday". And who can argue with that?

Did you hear about the woman - Samantha Brick - who claimed she was treated badly by other women because she was so pretty? If not, you must be the only person between here and Mars who didn't. Anyway, her article was not well received. Or to put it as someone did, it generated "one of those freak hate-fests that social media now regularly throw up." As one or two ungallant columnists have pointed out, the funny thing is she isn't that pretty. Just self-confident. Or at least self-opinionated. Which isn't all bad.

I passed two boarded up pubs today. It reminded me I'd heard on the radio last week that pubs in Britain are closing at the rate of sixteen a week. Or 832 a year. Inevitably, there's a site which tracks closures and can name 20,500 of these, leaving 60,000 still open. Which would take 72 years to close, if things remain as they are. But, of course, they won't.

Finally . . . A pro-choice protester in the USA was snapped wearing a T-shirt emblazoned:- Get you rosaries off my ovaries. Which tickled me. Though probably not the Pope.

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