Friday, July 20, 2012

There was a big demonstration down in front of the town hall last night, against the cuts. Well attended and fairly noisy but peaceful. I was walking against the flow both when I went into town and when I came out later. Which seemed to get some looks that were at least quizzical and perhaps even antagonistic. Or maybe they were just admiring my English/Chinese Panama. Anyway, it reminded me of this piece of graffitti I see most days on my way to the old quarter - Los guisanos me han comido y tienen la rábia.

Talking of downtown, I see one of the numerous kebab houses has been re-named Chompi. Raising the question of whether this can be considered to be Spanglish.

Another new ad has appeared on my Facebook page. This time for lencería sexy. Which I take to be ladies' underwear - going under the brand name Lovehoney. So, more bizarre English. Funny thing is, though, the site to which the ad directs you is dedicated to literary reviews. Viz: Perhaps they haven't quite got their act together yet. Possibly too distracted by the underwear.

And talking of Facebook . . . I mentioned Carrefour in last night's blog and today there was an ad for this less-than-fine supermarket group on my page. A coincidence? I think not.

Talking of ads and English . . . I saw a flier advertising a summer camp for kids along the coast at “Galicia's Marbella”, Sanjenjo/Sanxenxo. It's being organised by English House. This, of course, is a phrase which makes no sense in English in the context of teaching and I guess it would have been equally feasible to call it House English. Does it result from an attempt to associate the place with the highly popular TV program, House? I fear we'll never know. quarter

I've mentioned there are a lot more people seeking your surplus coins in the centre of town and in the old this year. The latest performer is a young African kid of around 10, who specialises in drumming. Badly. But persistently. Fortunately, he does eventually move, from table to table, and plaza to plaza.Thus leaving the stage clear for an endless succession of South American accordionists. Some of whom look at you in disgust if you do give money but not as much as they think you should have. In me, at least, this causes a response opposite to the one they're looking for. Though I've not yet dipped into the collection box to get my money back.

Finally . . . Here's an article from our Ambrose in which he says that “the IMF is the leader of the Eurosceptic camp now.”

Finally, finally . . . A headline which would have been unthinkable only twelve months ago - German parliament approves Spanish bank bailout. Says it all really.


Lenox said...

There's an 'app' that you can use - at least on Mozilla - to get rid of those adverts. Very useful!

Colin said...

Thanx, Lenox. Will check t out.

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