Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer: Friday was the first day of summer here in Spain but Midsummer's Day in England. Make of that what you will. My mother tells me she's thinking of putting the heating back on.

Wimbledon: Well, there were those who thought it very wrong to make Rafa Nadal the number 5 seed. Turns out they were right, though not in they way they meant.

The Christopher Columbus Museum: I said yesterday there was always tomorrow. But there wasn't. Today was a locally-dictated holiday - San Juán - and everywhere was closed. Except for the cafés, bars and cake-shops, of course. Surely tomorrow.

The Crisis: Picking up a repaired pullover on Friday at a local mercería(seamstress's), I asked how business was. 'Pretty good' said the guy behind the counter, which rather surprised me. Until I realised it was logical people would be spending more on repairs than on new tackle right now. And possibly for some years ahead.

Depressives: For no good reason - possibly stimulated by Stephen Fry's admission he attempted suicide last year - I looked up 'famous depressives' and found this rather long list. It seems almost compulsory for creative sorts, across the arts. But I must say it was news to me that Queen Lizzie was a sufferer. They kept that rather quiet.

Manglish: A fine example here from an explanatory note to a cruceiro(crucifix) in a small square in nearby Combarro. I particularly liked the backside touch, as it were. A not uncommon feature of non-native translations.

Noise in Spain: Some progress on the anti-noise front. Possibly.

FWIW: Another new (to me) anagram - For what it's worth.

Brits in Spain: Here's one who's doing well.

Finally . . . Computers: I discovered today that my Mac stores copies - sometimes several - of all fotos attached to emails I receive. They seem to stay on my machine until they're permanently deleted from the trash. So, thank God I don't know anyone with strange tastes. One foto which appears over 100 times in the All Images file is this one. Starting with the easy question - Does anyone have any idea who she is?


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Yes, my dear friend: that young lady is Ana Soto Belisario, the managing director of the Christopher Columbus Museum in Poio. She has taken up watercolors to pass the time, since there are no visitors to her fine institution.


Un Gaviero Bizarro cabalando vuestro piélago de calamidades said...

here in ??????

Colin said...

Gracias pero no lo entiendo. Retranca?

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