Thursday, July 04, 2013

Corruption, Shops, Sales, Beers and Sexy Cherries.

Good to see some local government officials getting done for corruption. Even if it is in Wales.

As for here in Spain, the latest corruption scandal concerns a lady who's a member of the regional government down in Andalucia, where a "year-long investigation has already shown that up to €136 million of a pension fund was embezzled between 2001 and 2010". Of course, corruption down in Andalucia has a long history, as detailed in this recent post by David Jackson.

Another regional government - Cataluña's - has decided to ban the wearing in public of face-covering items such as balaclavas, motor-bike helmets and burkhas. But niqabs and hijabs are excepted as they leave the face exposed. More here.

In Spain each region has its own ombusdman. But not for much longer. As part of its program of rationalisation, Madrid has decided these must go, to be replaced by a single national body. People are not happy about this but may be powerless to prevent it. Even less appealing is the central government's plan to end the system of separate ombudsmen for different industries and to put everything under a single multi-industry body. This is probably not the sort of change folk had in mind when they called for reform of the country's administrative system. But it's a lot easier to push through than anything which needs the cooperation of the the 17 regional presidents. Such as cutting their own personnel and reducing their powers of patronage.

July 1 saw the beginning of summer sales in Spain. So off my visitor went to buy a new suitcase, starting in the shops displaying 50% Off signs. He found the item he wanted in a place where there were no such signs on the windows but no sooner had he cited the discounts elsewhere than the price fell from 75 to 45 euros. Definitely a good time for me to be looking for a new TV.

Talking of shops . . . I think I've mentioned that at least 2 Chinese bazaars have closed in town. So I was rather surprised to see a new one on my route into town yesterday, only a few hundred metres from an existing one, round the corner. Interestingly, the newcomer calls itself Asia & Europa.

And talking of my visitor . . . Wanting a beer last night, his choice was between a warm one he'd just bought or one of a frozen pair I'd forgotten to take out of the freezer last Monday. While Ian put one of the latter in the sun (upside down over a glass), I put the other one in the microwave. With the top off, of course. As Ian felt there was a risk the bottle would blow up, we left the kitchen, to wait on events. Which, I'm pleased to say, weren't explosive.

A Spanish company has been forced to pull its ad for a special variety of small cherries after complaints it was sexist and vulgar. They made the standard Spanish apology that they never intended to offend anyone. Make up your own mind here.

Finally . . . A nice headline from American Dad - Optimist drowns in half-full tub.


Perry said...


Have you added WUWT & Bishop Hill to your Firefox bookmarks? They go well with EU Ref.

Both blogs chart the gradual move away from CO2 driven climate change scam.

As for preciousness over the cherry advert, what about the ubiquitous, gerunded, brothelmientos?

Homonyms rule!

Chupar un dulce.


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