Sunday, June 01, 2014

Guris in Pontevedra; Sr Blasco's trial; Corruption; & The EU.

There were a lot of foreigners in Pontevedra today. I've never heard so much English spoken around me before. The reason is a 2-day international duathlon-fest, for which the weather was perfect today. Pontevedra has made something of a name for itself in the duathlon and triathlon world, about which I'm rather unhappy. Some of those involved - possibly many - may decide to come back on holiday.

Yesterday I cited an article on the utterly unprincipled and corrupt Sr Blasco, the leading politician down in Valencia. This, though, didn't touch on one of the most depressing aspects of the case. Although he was sentenced to 8 years in prison, there can't be many people in Spain who believe who believe he'll actually spend much time there. Either the case will be quashed on appeal or his sentence will be reduced to less than 2 years - meaning he won't have go to gaol. Failing either of these, and Blasco actually does go to prison, there'll be a pardon from a government which hands out hundreds of these a year. He either has high-ranking friends or knows where the bodies are buried. Probably both.

As we wait the next step in this trial, here's The Local's review of the Spanish corruption scene, where there are said to be nearly 1,700 cases under investigation.

Finally . . . Here's a bucket of cold water for those of us encourage by last week's "eurosceptic earthquake".


Alfred B. Mittington said...

You may wish to add an 'i' to your title. A Guri is a (colored) lad, in Latin American usage. A Bloody Foreigner is Spain is written 'guiri'.

Spellcheck Al

Colin Davies said...
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Colin Davies said...

Thanks, but are you sure you want to go down this track, Alfie?