Monday, June 02, 2014

Wayward judge; Spain v. The Rest; & Pidgin football.

Whenever there's a list published of how the Spanish regard their institutions, I'm always surprised at how low the judiciary rank. Well, I used to be. These days I'm rather less so, having read of how much they are leant on by the politicians - the people who always rank lowest in the list, of course. Then there's cases like the judge of the Constitutional Court who was arrested on Saturday morning at 7.30am riding a motor-bike without a helmet and over the alcohol limit. And having just gone through a red light for good measure. He'd been to an (all night) stag do, he said.

Talking of lists . . . There was an article in yesterday's El País in which Spain was compared with its EU colleagues in respect of a number of criteria. She scores very well as regards Longevity, Crime rates, Tolerance, High-speed train lines and Internet access via smartphones. But badly as regards Unemployment rate, Economic equality, Drug use, Expenditure on cultural activities and Fiestas. The last of these reflects the fact there are a lot of holidays. Against that, the Spanish have the longest working day. And, I would suggest, the daftest. As regards prices, not so long ago Spain's basket was below the EU average but it's now above it. For those living here it'll come as no surprise that alcohol and tobacco are way below the EU average and telecoms are way, way above it.

Finally . . . If you've ever wanted to read about the promotion of a Galician football team in Nigerian pidgin English, well here's your chance: Deportivo La Coruna go play dia futbal for La Liga (na Spain division one be dat) nes season, afta dem waya Jaen for division two match on Saturday, to helep dem tanda for second position for league table. Deportivo don gada 69 point, and dem dey shadow league oga, Eibar, sake of say na onli one point separate de two of dem, but na onli one match remain for season to finish. Deportivo bin relegate comot La Liga for 2012/2013 season and na strait, dem dey come back so. Dat relegate na de second time inside three season wey Deportivo don relegate be dat. Deportivo dey play dia home match for one area for Spain, wey dem dey call 'Galicia' but dem no kukuma resembu dat club wey bin dey tap ball like winch bifor, bifor. Aside dat one, money bin don do de club bad tin sef, as dem and many club for Spain bin hear am small. Dem bin win La Liga title for 2000 and bin dey play Champions League ball well, well sotay, dem reach semi final for 2004 but Porto waya dem 1-kondo for two leg. Meanwilly, Hercules (anoda club for division two) don relegate go division three, even tho dem waya Mirandes 1-kondo on Saturday.

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King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicating.

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