Friday, June 27, 2014

Odd finds; Regal protection; World cup; Male chicanery; Roundabouts; & Dumb answers.

Spain is proving a modern treasure trove of archeological finds, particularly at Atapuerca near Burgos. But the latest discovery comes from the east coast, where the world's oldest human excreta has been found, deposited by a Neanderthal on top of a fire. Presumably after it went out. Surprisingly, it contained fruit and vegetables, as well as meat, revealing that one of them at least was an omnivore.

As expected, the Spanish government has rushed through a law to give the discredited ex-king a high degree of legal protection. As of today, he can only be sued in the Supreme Court, which may or may not entertain the 2 paternity suits which have been floating around for years. Whether he could be prosecuted there for murder - e. g. of the 2 claimants - I'm not sure.

World Cup: As a reader kindly noted, I was a tad premature last night. Today's games saw both Belgium and the United States go through to the 2nd round, leaving Spain, Portugal, Italy and England as the sad/pathetic departees who punched well below their official weight. Plus Russia, who are (mis)managed by the ludicrously overpaid Fabio Capello. Where next for his bank account?

In the UK, a TV chef was taken to court by a male employee who accused her of sexual harassment, after he'd been sacked. Turns out he'd had 7 jobs in the previous decade and had sued 3 other employers. Although retracting his accusations, he still got something under an out-of-court payment. Did no one smell a rat when he was taken on? How did he explain away his dubious CV? And were headhunters involved? I did wonder if Mr Salter was adept at playing the race card but there's chance of this, as he's Caucasian.

Ever few years, I mention the crazy Spanish law for taking roundabouts. Here's an expert on the subject. If you're driving here, be warned.

Finally . . . The satirical magazine Private Eye has a regular section called Dumb Britain. It lists the daft answers given on TV and radio quiz shows. I rather liked this one:-
Q. The film "American Beauty" is named after a variety of what flour?
A. Self-raising.

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