Thursday, June 26, 2014

The princess and the judge; Bloodlust; FIFA again; & Fireworks.

So, a Spanish court of instruction has finally decided that the new king's sister, Princess Cristina, and her husband must face tax fraud and money-laundering charges. We now await the, doubtless long, appeal against this decision. With the actual trial being some way off, assuming it ever arrives.

Would it be summer without a strike by the French air traffic controllers? I wonder if the ever achieve anything, other than damage to the battalions of Innocent Bystanders.

The EU: Richard North advises that he's now uploaded the correct edition of The Great Deception.

ISIS: I can't swear to it but I'm pretty sure the foto I saw in the British press of a prisoner being machine-gunned from behind, didn't have the blood gushing from his front that appeared in fotos in the Spanish press.

FIFA's Rankings
These are the Top 15 teams who haven't made it to the 2nd round:
1. Spain
3. Portugal
9. Italy
11. England
12. Belgium
14. USA
And here's someone who shares my view that the competition has "made a mockery of FIFA's rankings". Incidentally, the 'controversial' FIFA rankings he uses are slightly different from the ones I've got. Which are June's.

En passant, FIFA has just spent €27m on a film about itself, called "United Passions". It's been described as 'amazingly bad' but, if you're really stuck for something to do, you can find trailers on youtube. The hero, not surprisingly, is Sepp Blatter. What a piece of work he is, using the small change to glorify himself.

Finally . . . Oh, dear.

IT Footnote
Following my mention of my email possibly being compromised, I realised today that I've been gifted some ad/malware - . This seems to be associated with a new file - tmpinstallmc.dmg If anyone knows the best way to get rid of this/these, I'd appreciate advice.


Ferrolano said...

That tells me a couple of things. The file is buried inside an application named "Application" which itself is inside and application named "Installer 1" that is part of a disk image volume still mounted on your desktop called "tmpinstallmc".

It also tells me the disk image file itself is in an invisible directory (folder) /private/tmp/

The reason you can't remove the com.genieoinnovation.mac.extension.client file is because you aren't allowed to change the contents of a disk image, just as Thomas indicated.

You won't be able to completely remove the "tmpinstallmc.dmg" file completely either, even if you are able to locate it and move it to the trash, because it's still mounted.

Colin, if I remember correctly, you have an Apple Mac and with that in mind, this is what I have found for your problem:

The easiest way to take care of everything at this point is to reboot. That will dismount the disk image file, empty the contents of the /tmp/ directory and it should be totally gone when you log back in.

I hope that this helps.....

I'm not a football fan, but... said...

Portugal, Belgium & USA still have 1 game left in which they can qualify tonight. From my limited knowledge, 2 out of these 3 are probably expected to progress to the knockout stages.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, F. Did that and the temp file disappeared. Wonder though if the bloody Genieo file. I've seen multi-step processes recommended for this and will have to check them out.

Logging off and on just seems too simple for such a nasty piece of ad/malware.