Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mad Dog Horrach

Sometimes you feel that history is being made around you. The Iranian Islamic revolution happened 5 years after I left the country and its Indonesian equivalent happened 3 years after I returned from there to the UK. Here in Spain, it may be third time lucky for me. I'm encouraged in this belief by this article from a republican paper:-

In his appeal against the processing of the case of Princess Cristina presided over by Judge Jose Castro, the public prosecutor Pedro Horrach launched an infamous set of insults, accusations and defamations against the judge in which he goes so far as to say he is a deliberate perverter of justice, that he wants to be famous and that he responds to media dictates. He has even compared him to the Inquisition.

To justify putting himself on the side of the presumed criminal, Princess Cristina - and this is the real perversion of justice - Horrach - and we can suppose he is following the orders of the Attorney General, Torres, and the Justice Minister Gallardón (another prosecutor) - has appealed against the processing of the princess's case, but his manners betray him because, in his anger, he has gone overboard in his assaults, insults and defamations, instead of safeguarding the swindled public money and the current legislation, as he is obliged to do.

The most serious thing about Horrach, and about those who are now cheering him on from the extreme right, is that his attitude and manners will cause a lot more damage to the monarchy than that already caused by the Noos case. For, while the palace of King Philip VI has said that judicial independence is respected throughout Spain, there is a growing suspicion that the Zarzuela and Moncloa palaces are preparing, with the the diatribes of Horrach, an environment in which the Provincial Court of Palma can take over the case against Cristina, in accordance with a script written a while ago, in an obvious perversion of the course of justice.

The cause of the Republic does not need much political support in order to grow when the furious monarchists of the extreme right, the long arm of the government and the Public Prosecutor's office insist on saving Princess Cristina, above and outside the law. If we add the rapid placing of the ex-king above the law and remember the prohibition of republican flags at the installation of Philip VI, we can see that the Republican factory just installed in the royal palaces, in the political media and in the communication networks connected to the PP party is working at full speed.

No matter. Let them get on with it, because when it rains it pours and the crisis of the monarchy's prestige hasn't been ended by the abdication of Juan Carlos, however much many think it has. Spain, for a while now, has been a tinder box which any spark could ignite causing a large fire, however much they say at the heights of power that 'nothing ever happens'. Doesn't it? Well, for the moment the king has had to abdicate, and Rubalcaba has just announced his departure from politics and we'll see if Ruz dares, at the end of the instruction stage of the Barcenas and Gurtel cases, to call Aznar, Cascos, Rajoy and Arenas to testify - those who were at the very top of the PP during the years in which Lapuerta and Barcenas managed the accounting of the black money transactions of the party. 

As for Horrach, the first thing Torres should do, if he has a shred of dignity, is to publicly call attention to his bad manners and even suspend him. Because what this Attorney General can't do is denounce the vast sink of Spanish corruption and then side with the Infanta Cristina, while letting loose Horrach like a mad dog at the door of Judge Castro, who has left everything in evidence for everyone, including Rajoy. Though Horrach doesn't need help; he's just single-handedly disqualified himself.

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Perry said...

Horrach, when in hole, first rule, stop digging. Least said, soonest mended. Two guiding principles, apparently not known in Spanish political circles.

Perry said...


Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes (1879) is one of Robert Louis Stevenson's earliest published works and is considered a pioneering classic of outdoor literature.

What the above paragraph does NOT do is communicate how wonderfully funny is the saga of 12 days. It's bloody hysterical. A Camino is nothing like this!! Good old Getenberg Project. Read on McDuff.

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