Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cataluña; Citizen security; More corruption; A gypsy encounter; & Exam howlers.

The stand-off between the Presidents of Spain and Cataluña continues, ahead of the planned ('illegal') referendum in November. Each of them insists he's willing to dialogue, so long as the other makes the call. God forbid that this childish nonsense results from fear of a loss of face.

Yesterday saw the approval of Spain's new (Orwellian) Citizen Security Law, from which some, at least, of the teeth had been drawn. But it still merits the more accurate title of The Citizen Repression Law.

Spain's corruption carousel continues to revolve. Eleven ex-Directors of a company called Mutua Universal are being tried for a fraud of €200m. And 3 ex-Directors of NovaCaixaGalicia are charged with misappropriation of (a mere) €19m. Rank amateurs, obviously. More here.

Driving down the hill today, I came round a bend and saw a rather large gypsy woman with her child stopped in the middle of the up-lane. Going by the insult she shouted at me, I guessed she'd expected me to stop. But I thought nothing of it and continued on to the supermarket. Where I suddenly realised I was standing next to the pair in an aisle. Worse, the child - aged about 2 - was staring at me, pointing and saying something I didn't catch. Fortunately, his mother didn't notice and I slipped away. It's not good to upset the gypsies around here. I doubt her family would have been impressed by my argument that crossing before a blind bend wasn't a smart thing to do.

Down in Pontevedra, the 7 e-cigarette shops are now down to 5, at most. But there's been a sudden surge in nail-bars. One has to admire the optimism.

Finally . . . A list of exam howlers, some of which are very funny. And some of which might be genuine.

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