Friday, July 11, 2014

Recycling; More fraud; Intrusive ads; Body parts; & a Joke.

I'll bet you didn't know that the EU bases its recycling data on what bin the consumer puts it, regardless of what happens to it after that. So, considerable scope for mismatches, one would havve thought. Especially if the sceptics are right about it all being taken by truck to the same dumping spot. Meaning a lot of trouble for nowt.

Ourense is Galicia's third city and it costs €25,000 a year to rent a café in the centre of it. Unless your the mayor's wife, when it's yours for €0.60. But this is small beer indeed compared with the case of the CEO of a Spanish public company called Gowex, who confessed the accounts were a figment of his imagination, designed to hide losses of hundreds of millions of euros.

I've mentioned my astonishment at the lengths taken here to get ads on the TV even during the course of a program. My latest surprise came recently when the lovely lady who'd given us the weather report then launched into a 3 to 5 minute spiel for a toothpaste product.

'Dumbwalking' is - ironically - the art of walking with your gaze fixed on a smartphone. Apparently, this is causing big problems in Tokyo, where a lot of people can be crossing a major road at any one time.

On one of Spain's dreadful TV slanging matches tonight, one woman was asked if she believed something. To which she replied:- Con todo mi coño. Or 'With all my c**t.' But it may mean something quit innocuous in Spanish. "With all my heart", perhaps.

I wonder how many foreigners in Spain know that the fire service isn't free. I don't think they poll up with a credit card machine but you certainly get a bill. Fortunately, your house insurance should cover it.

Finally . . . A joke
Hello. Is that the circus?
Yes. How can I help?
I'm interested in becoming a contortionist. What qualities do I need?
Well, how flexible are you?
I can't do Tuesdays.

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