Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fascinating Spain, the place to live; Summer fun; Paradors; & Easy payments

These are someone's idea of 50 fascinating facts about Spain. Be patient, if they don't immediately emerge.

And here's the answer to the question - Is Spain still a good place in which to retire? HT to Lenox of Business over Tapas.

Summertime is party-time in Spain and Galicia in no exception to the rule, even if the weather here may occasionally be a bit of a damper. Which a lead into the citation of one particular fiesta - the Festival SonRías Bixas. This is a clever combination of the Spanish for 'smile' (sonrisa) and the Galician name for our Lower Estuaries - Las Rías Baixas. Well, I liked it, anyway.

Galicia has 11 Paradors, the 4 or 5 star Government-owned hotels that were once castles, palaces or the like. Only 3 of these were (marginally) profitable last year - in Santiago, Baiona and Ribadeo. Pontevedra's lost €51,000. At least one - in Ferrol - has been closed. Though only in the winter, as I recall. This presumably an occupancy problem as they're usually good value for money. Especially if you're young or old and qualify for one of their discounts.

Finally . . . I may still be signing debit card chits here but back in the UK, I read, folk are using their phones and wristbands to pay for even the smallest items - by scanning them across a reader. Britain is different.

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James Atkinson said...

I have certainly noticed the loftness of the dutch whilst on holiday. It was covered in the british papers quite well a couple of years ago too I believe. A friend tells me that it's due to a high intake of dairy products. It certainly can't be calories alone or we brits would be one of the tallest nations in Europe. In the 1960's we were told the tallest people in Europe were the inhabitants of Montenegro, so one assumes the dutch got taller. Here in Swansea the chinese students are at least as tall, but somewhat slimmer than the locals. Indeed I havent seen a tubby chinese yet.

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