Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rolling news; Russian perspectives; & Urban surprises

Don't you just hate rolling news channels at times? Sky News: "Each of the people who died in the crash has a backstory. And we'll be doing our best to bring these to you."

Talking of news channels . . . The latest farcical statement from Russia's RT is that the 'authorities' in Eastern Ukraine are calling for an international inquiry. In the next sentence, these rebels were referred to as 'resistance forces'. Whatever they are, they're actually preventing access and damaging such an investigation, doubtless under the instructions of Mr Putin.

Apart from its biased news channel, Russia also has its own loony blogosphere, where discussion apparently centres on the possibility that flight MH17 was, in fact, the Malaysian Airlines flight which went missing in March. In order to discredit Russia, it was packed with corpses and brought down in Ukraine. I won't bother you with the 'evidence' for this.

Mr. Putin is, of course, an ex-KGB man. I wouldn't like to be the Russians and/or Ukrainians who've kaiboshed his step-by-step annexation of ex-Soviet countries by mistakenly shooting down a civil airliner. Assuming they're still alive.

Finally . . . I was intrigued to that see one of the temporary stalls in the town's main square was selling knives - something impossible these days in the UK. One even looked like the scout knife I used to have. But, anyway, I bought one with a handle made from the root of a heather plant. And so came to know that 'heather' is brezo in Spanish and urce in Gallego. Though I thought she said oorth. Hope these comes in handy.

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