Monday, July 21, 2014

Terrorists, now and then; Crazy cleric; Ukraine; Phoney bones; Gibraltar; & Urban shocks.

Pause for thought: The UK's 2006 Anti Terrorist Act would have made terrorists out of those Brits who went to fight fascism in Spain in 1936

In Madrid's 2nd church last week, a Mass was held to commemorate the 1936 fascist uprising. From the pulpit, the priest eulogised Franco and his forces and encouraged those of like mind today to consider emulating them, in a new coup d'etat designed to safeguard society and the Church from the rise of the "Far Left". It seems that neither the Church nor the state is minded to reprimand this outrageous cleric. Possibly because he's the only person in Spain who can see a refulgent Far Left. And because the prospects of another military rising are precisely nil. That said, he hasn't done the Church much good in Spain and I'm sure someone will be having a quiet word with him. Roll on next year's anniversary. When there'll possibly be more media representatives at the Mass than there were this year. Meanwhile, at least one organisation is taking the priest to court.

Ukraine: As someone has asked - Where is Mrs Ashton in all this? You may recall she was the unheard of person appointed a while ago to be the EU's supremo for Foreign Affairs. Except she clearly isn't. When she steps down shortly, will anyone notice? And which unlucky sod will get her job?

The bones of the 3 Kings(Magi) are lodged in a fancy box in Cologne cathedral and this is the 800th anniversary of their arrival there. Tests have shown that the bones are those of a child and two men from the 2nd or 3rd century. The cathedral authorities have said this is immaterial. As well they might. So long as pilgrims come to pray.

Spain's Minister for Foreign Affairs has accused Britain of inventing incidents around Gibraltar for domestic political reasons. Crikey! You'd never catch Madrid doing that, would you? Which reminds me . . . I read recently that Britain had complied with all the instructions arising from a recent EU investigation of the conflict, while Spain had complied with . . . well, none. Delays to cross the border are longer than ever.

Finally . . . I had a couple of a shocks in Pontevedra yesterday - A cyclist on the camino route through the town was ringing the bell on his handlebars. Plus he was moving slowly! And the motorist in front of me stopped at a flashing amber light to allow a (hesitant) pedestrian to cross. Progress.

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