Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Twitter; Telefónica;Guilds; Music; Movies; & A number.

The world of twitter is something I've not yet entered. Maybe that's why I was surprised to see today that David Cameron used it to make his announcement about the sacking and demotion of his Education Secretary (and 'close friend'), Michael Gove. Is he trying too hard to be be hip? Assuming 'hip' means something these days.

Telefonica has been fined more than €200m for abusing its dominant position in the broadband market. As a victim of this, I can't say I am remotely surprised. Or sympathetic.

I mentioned Spain's professional 'guilds' the other day. The government has immediately responded with a statement that it's going to liberalise the professions and get rid of restrictive practices. Except for the pharmacists and the lawyers. Well, it's a start.

They say that, if you get out of a car on the hard shoulder of a motorway, you're at great risk of being hit by a car or truck, as if they're attracted to you. I wonder if the same impulse lies behind the fact that most football players hit the ball directly at the goalkeeper.

Seeing an ad today, the following question occurred to me:- How can a clairvoyant going into business ever fail?

Turning from failure to success . . . Here's a short film that won a prize. And which is very amusing.

And here's a great site for anyone interested in listening again to hits of the 50s and early 60s. Or if you've never heard any of them and just want to find out what it was like in less frenetic and more melodic times.

And here's news of an international theatre event in Ribadavia, up in Galicia's hills, near Ourense.

Finally . . . Google tells me this is my 3,500th post. Which is probably about right. Hip . . . Hip . . .

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