Friday, November 28, 2014

Corruption; Sex abuse; Cataluña; Taps; Human Ponters; Bloody Black Thursday; & My Girls.

With a general election only a few months away, the Spanish Prime Minister has found a new - and revolutionary - line on corruption: "The corrupt must pay the price". This came hot on the heels of the resignation/dismissal of the Ministress of Health and Social Services, who's going to be charged with benefitting from her husband's financial shenanigans. This is part of a huge trial which seems to have been meandering through the courts for an eternity now. Of course, there's always a chance the State Prosecutor will follow precedent and persuade the next judge in the series that the lady has no case to answer. But, anyway, I look forward to the Prime Minister sacking himself for receiving black cash in addition to his salary. As if.

The Pope has very publicly sacked a Spanish bishop for covering up sexual abuse of minors by a club of priests (Los Romaneros) in his diocese. My friend Dwight told me tonight that all the offenders were members of OpusDei but that this fact is no longer reported, demonstrating the residual ability of this right-wing/fascist organisation to muzzle the entire Spanish media. Readers may recall me citing a while ago a Spanish wine called - in Galician - The Priest and the Altar Boy. Time for a change of label, I'd have thought.

As for Cataluña . . . The President is facing charges of, grave disobedience(!), abuse of power and misuse of public funds. This is because he went ahead with a voting exercise on independence even though the Constitutional Court had ruled it illegal. This'll be an interesting trial, should it ever come to court.

After almost 3 weeks in the UK, staying in 7 different places, I have to say I share the Spanish amazement that the 2-tap system is still universal there, even in new places. There used to be a rationale for this - something to do with risks from the hot water, I believe - but now it's an anachronism and must reflect a bizarre cultural preference. See here for more on this and for some amusing solutions for frustrated foreigners. And foreignised Brits like me.

Thanks to the 'humanisation' measures of the last 10 years, Pontevedra has been awarded the prize in the Europe category of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment. This is because it's a 'city centred on people'. Of course, you'll find this hard to believe if you're hit by a cyclist doing 20kph.

The American shopping experience of Black Thursday is well established in the UK and attempts are now being made to replicate it here in Spain. As Christmas arrives here at least a month later than it does in Anglo cultures, I wonder if this will catch on. I rather hope not.

Finally . . . I can't resist posting these fotos of my beautiful daughters. I should stress they get their looks from their mother, not me. Though Faye does get her curly hair from my father.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Surely you mean that the general election in Spain is a few months AHEAD. As in November 2015 at the latest.

Yours, ABM

Sierra said...

Presumably Black Friday and "Ciber" Monday:

Colin Davies said...

@Alfie: Almost.

@: Sierra. Thanks for that.

Azra said...

Beautiful daughters indeed. I must say though, there are traces of their father in their faces :)

Colin Davies said...

Ah, thanks Azra. Made my year.

Geoff said...

The two tap system has it's origins in the fact that cold water can be at high, so called mains pressure and the hot water is at low pressure from a neighbouring tank.

Colin Davies said...

I thought it was something to do with the fact the hot water came from a tank that could have been adulterated by, say, a dead pigeon. I recall as a kid being told never to drink water from the hot tap.

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